Cannabis Web Design and Hemp Web Development: An Intro

Web Design and Web Development are two different parts of the internet that work together to create a Cannabis website. In this chapter, we will look at how these two fields can be used by Cannabis marketers, Dispensaries, CBD and Hemp stores, and Grow Operations to increase revenue for their business. We will also discuss what you need to know in order to do web design and development.

What is Cannabis Web Design?

The first topic we will cover is the importance of web design. Web designers are responsible for creating a look and feel that lets people know what they can expect from your Cannabis website, in terms of experience, costs, products, style and functionality. This includes designing everything on the homepage as well as individual pages to give them their own Marijuana personality. If you want users to trust you enough to do business with you and purchase your bud then it’s important that you hire someone who knows how this works, how understands the industry so that they can create an attractive site which tells potential Cannabis customers about all your Weed products or services. Web Designers, along with Graphic Designers, are responsible for designing a website which will include everything from the homepage to individual pages.

What is Web Development?

Cannabis Web developers work behind-the-scenes when building websites where there isn’t much need for design elements like branding, logos etcetera (often referred to as “back end” development) and focus on programming languages, server operations and database management. Web developers are responsible for the technical side of creating a website, such as how it functions and what type of content can be added, as well as security and functionality. They need to know coding languages so they can make sure that your site is compatible with every browser on any device. Most Cannabis purchases are made through mobile these days. That means understanding the customer journey through mobile, tablet and desktop. A good Web Dev will also understand how Cannabis SEO works. This way they can build with growth and rankings in mind. If you have images or PDF files on your site then they will need to do maintenance work in order to keep things running smoothly.

Anyone, technically, can design a website with web design software or use templates that have already been made for them if they don’t want to spend time designing one for themselves from scratch. Many Cannabis designers are skilled at using either Adobe’s Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage programs but in order to develop websites there has to be knowledge of more than just basic coding skills. Web developers also need HTML, CSS, JAVA Scripting Language (JSL), PHP – Programming language used by many popular blogging platforms like WordPress) etc.

The second topic we will cover is what you need to know in order to do Cannabis web design or development. Web designers and developers should have a good understanding of the internet, how it works as well as social media when creating content for their clients. In addition to this they also need basic knowledge about Cannabis marketing so that they can create dope campaigns online which entice others to purchase Marijuana products or services from your company; more than just designing graphics on Facebook advertisements for example.

Sidenote: Paid Marketing on sites like facebook are quite that gamble when facebooks morality snitches are against cannabis and they were caught inflating their paid marketing numbers in the past. Other sights may be doing the same thing. Organic marketing is the key to sustaining your marketing budget.

Why does it matter if people like my website’s look and feel?

The way a website looks is important because it can make or break the conversion rate for potential Cannabis customers. If you have an attractive site with modern aesthetics then they are more likely to continue browsing and eventually purchase something from your Cannabis Dispensary or CBD Store. If you are just starting out then it might be a good idea to hire someone who understands web design or development so that they can do the work while still guiding your business in terms of how to market and promote online.

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What skills/knowledge would I need to get started with web design?

As mentioned earlier, Cannabis Web Designers are responsible for everything on the homepage of an individual page too with Graphic Designers who work together with them in order to make sure these elements look appealing enough for other people (potential customers) viewing it live at any given time. The Web Developer’s responsibilities are to keep things running smoothly in order for the website or app to function properly.

The Web Designer and Web Developer also need to be knowledgeable about how different browsers work, what coding languages they have knowledge of so that it can either be compatible with all devices on any browser or just a few types if necessary – one being HTML. They will also need some sort of maintenance plan set up where they will check databases every once in awhile for errors and fix anything that might disrupt your site from operating as expected otherwise you could get penalized by Google (or other search engines) because their bots would see it as a mistake when there were problems loading pages correctly which would ultimately lead them not listing your company’s page higher than others. Cannabis Web developers should also know what marketing campaigns work best when creating content for their clients in addition to basic graphics editing skills (to edit photos etcetera).

In this chapter we discussed web design, which involves designing an attractive homepage and individual pages; along with web development, which includes knowing coding languages so that the website is compatible across all browsers on any device. These two fields together create a functional website for potential customers who want everything from products or services to just information about something

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