What is Cannabis SEO, and how does it work?

Cannabis has been around since ancient times, with records from as early as 2737 BC mentioning its use in Chinese medicine. In recent years, however, Cannabis has become a much more popular recreational drug, with legalization in many areas of the world. Cannabis SEO is just one way that companies have been trying to market their products online and offline for years now.

One thing that Cannabis sellers should be aware of before they start marketing their product on social media platforms, as well as other digital mediums such as search engine optimization (SEO), is how Cannabis can and cannot be marketed in certain spaces. PPC for example cannot be used as Cannabis is not legal federally yet, although it seems to be coming soon. Cannabis is legal in most states in the US in either hemp from the 2018 farm bill, Medical Cannabis or Recreational Cannabis. Cannabis SEO is the foundation of Cannabis marketing, with companies often spending much more in other outlets such as television commercials or billboards.

What is SERPS and SEM?

Cannabis SEO involves using keywords to rank higher within search engine results pages (SERPS) by following Google’s guidelines and recommendations for “keyword stuffing.” This includes important content on your website like: headings, headlines, meta descriptions, URLs and page titles. Cannabis sellers should also be aware that they are not allowed to use any trademarked logos from their competitors which is common practice in traditional businesses.

Most people who are looking up Cannabis information will have some preconceived notions about what it means so you want to make sure that Cannabis sells itself without having to convince them first before purchase. The best ways to do that include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Management (SEM).

Search Engine Management: Cannabis keywords are now available on Google Adwords for those who have registered as a medical cannabis user or caregiver and this can be utilized in order to create specific advertisements that target your audience more effectively. Yet when you use analytics programs to try to find any real data related to paid keywords, the rest of the world hasn’t caught up. Thats why you have to manage how your content is viewed in search engines effectively and organic content is still king.

How to optimize your website for Cannabis SEO

For Cannabis SEO, you want to use key phrases that are more likely to be searched for in Google or other search engines. Cannabis-related keywords such as “Cannabis seeds” and “buy Cannabis online” will lead people who were looking for information on Cannabis at the time of their search. You can also include keyword variations like synonyms (for example, if your company sells Cannabis products then you might include words like marijuana instead) so it becomes easier for people searching with different terms or using a different language.

How to build links back to your site

The best way is by creating good content about Cannabis and linking directly back to your website’s landing page from there. This includes having an informational article that has been reviewed and shared on many Cannabis-related websites, or a Cannabis blog.

The first step to performing Cannabis SEO is making sure that your website ranks highly in search engine results pages (SERP). Cannabis startups need to do what they can to get their website ranked as high as possible for the terms related to Cannabis that are most likely being searched by people looking for information about it online.

Achieving good rankings on SERP will help increase traffic and visibility of your site among potential customers who would be interested in purchasing from you because they found you through an organic search query entered into one of these popular sites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, or other search engines. Cannabis-related keywords such as “Cannabis seeds” and “buy Cannabis online” will help you rank in Search Engines for Cannabis SEO.

Why you should have an online presence in the Cannabis industry

The Cannabis industry is a rapidly expanding multi-billion dollar worldwide market, and it’s only going to get bigger. It has been reported that the Cannabis related markets in North America alone will grow by over 500% from 2016 to 2021, with an estimated total value of $24 billion dollars by 2020.

This rapid growth means there are many new opportunities for entrepreneurs who have not yet taken advantage of this emerging industry at their doorstep, which includes both growers and retailers alike. If you’re looking for a way to increase your visibility online among potential customers then we recommend Cannabis SEO as one avenue worth exploring. Organic growth is sustained growth.

Cannabis SEO involves optimizing your website content and business listings on Google, Bing, Yahoo! Local Search Engines in order to rank higher when customers are looking for cannabis related products or services near them . In addition to that it also requires managing those listings and keeping track of what’s working well in terms of attracting new visitors as well as repelling undesirable ones. Cannabis SEO meets these objectives by using keyword research techniques tailored specifically around getting results from your content. This organic content is great for your online presence as more people see your business.

Benefits of a good online presence in the Cannabis industry

A good online presence has been shown to increase customer retention rates by up to 36%. This means customers feel like they’re getting better service when they know where you stand, what you offer and how much it’ll cost them . Cannabis SEO also has the potential to increase customer acquisitions rates by up to 18%. Cannabis SEO is the process by which Cannabis businesses increase their visibility online through search engine optimization and management. Cannabis has been shown to be a high-growth industry with rapid turnovers, so any way you can improve your customer acquisition rates will provide benefits for years down the line.

A good online presence also improves your visibility online through search engine optimization and management. Cannabis has been shown to be a high-growth industry with rapid turnovers, so any way you can improve customer acquisition rates will provide benefits for years down the line. As Cannabis SEO increases in popularity more Cannabis websites are popping up on Google searches which makes it harder for businesses that want to rank highly on search engines like Google or Bing. The best way to do this is by using what’s called “white hat” methods: techniques that don’t cheat algorithms but instead ensure quality content backed up by good links from other sites.

The importance of keywords when optimizing for Cannabis SEO

Cannabis SEO begins with the keywords you choose to include. Cannabis businesses should focus on what their customers are searching for and use these words that will bring them relevant traffic from search engines like Google or Bing. Keywords can be used in links, article content, blog posts and more to help improve visibility online. Cannabis websites should also make sure they have a page title (which is usually displayed as part of the link) which includes keywords so it’s easier for searchers to find your site when looking through results from a keyword query.

Short Tail and Long tail keywords are needed in order to capture the quality customers you want to the products your are selling PC is a fast and effective way to advertise on search engines like Google. Cannabis businesses need to make sure they are spending their budget wisely and picking the right keywords that will generate products for them. It’s important to use your PPC campaign cost-effectively by ensuring you get good value from every click

It’s crucial that Cannabis SEO be done correctly in order to optimize visibility online. Cannabis websites should focus on high quality content, not just quantity of page views or social media followers – this ensures higher rankings when people do searches which leads to more organic traffic (i.e., visitors who find your site through a keyword query).

Purple Noodle helps Cannabis Businesses grow, Organically!

Cannabis SEO services can help you generate more traffic from search engines and social media platforms. Purple Noodle can also earn you higher rankings on Google and increase conversions with a better user experience.

We offer Cannabis SEO packages that range in price depending on your needs, but we’re always happy to provide free quotes for any of our services!

If you have any questions or would like some advice about how Cannabis SEO could benefit your company then please get in touch. One of the team members will be glad to answer all enquiries without obligation.

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