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When it comes to your website, you should always take the time to make sure that it’s performing its best. That’s why many businesses are turning to us for help. Our SEO portfolio will show you just how successful we can be for your company.

– Over 13 years of experience in SEO Marketing. Although our niche is Cannabis now, we have worked with over 100 companies across 10 industry types. These industries range from eCommerce stores to Law Firms! – We’ve ranked websites on the first page of Google for keywords like “Local Law Firms”, “New York City Cannabis” and more! Currently working with clients in Colorado, California, Massachusetts, and more! – Get started today by filling out our online form or calling us at (612) 208-2812!




Our SEO Portfolio makes it easy to see why we’re the top choice for many businesses across North America. We’ve been helping companies succeed online since 2001, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! Let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you and drive your business to the first page of Google with the best SEO Marketing in Minnesota. Give us a call or fill out our short contact form to get started today! – Affordable SEO Services – Get Your Website Ranked on Page 1 of Google – SEO Consultant – Affordable SEO Services

SEO Portfolio Examples

Our current SEO portfolio of clients ranges from small businesses to enterprise-level companies. We have the experience and skillset to rank any website on page 1 of Google for any keyword. Please take a look at some of our recent successes below!

Client A: https://TheStone.com

Industry: Ecommerce

keywords ranked: Best Cannabis Deals, Cannabis Dispensary

Results: Client A’s website achieved top rankings for Best Cannabis Deals and Cannabis Dispensary. Rankings were achieved through a combination of on-page optimization and link building. Traffic and leads increased significantly as a result.

Client B: Non-Disclosure Agreement

Industry: Law Firm

Keywords ranked: Local Law Firm, Accident Lawyer

Results: Client B’s website achieved top rankings for local law firms and accident lawyers. We achieve rankings primarily through link building and on-page optimization. Traffic increased significantly as a result, with conversions taking off as well.  

Client C: Non-Disclosure Agreement

Industry: Dentist

Keywords ranked: Yorkville Dental, Affordable Dentistry, Affordable Healthcare.

Results: While the client was already ranking on page 1 of Google for “Affordable Dentistry” and “Yorkville Dental,” we were able to improve their rankings significantly for additional keywords such as “Affordable Healthcare.” These rankings resulted in an overall increase in traffic to the website.

Our SEO portfolio is an example of successful campaigns that have resulted in top rankings for our client’s websites. We are proud to have helped businesses from all industries achieve their desired results.

Recent SEO Successes

Take a look at some of our recent SEO successes:

  • A leading dental insurance company achieved first page rankings for dozens of high-traffic keywords, including “dental insurance” and “dental plans.”
  • An ecommerce retailer ranked in the top 3 for over 100 highly competitive keywords. Keywords included are “shoes,” “coffee machines,” and “fitness trackers.”
  • An online retailer for home furnishings ranks in the top 3 on Google! This includes over 40,000 daily searches for keywords related to their business.

Purple Noodle Marketing is your best choice for SEO consultants and experts! Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your website’s search ranking.

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Let Us Be Your SEO Consultants

So there you have it! Our current portfolio of clients and some of our recent successes. We have the experience and skillset to rank any website on page 1 of Google for any keyword. If you’re looking for an SEO consultant to help you achieve success, look no further than us! We offer affordable SEO services that will get your website ranking on page 1 of Google in no time. Contact us today to learn more! With Affordable SEO Services, we Get Your Website Ranked on Page 1 of Google – SEO Consultant – Affordable SEO Services

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