Purple Noodle Podcast: – Episode 7 – What is Cannabis eCommerce?

Purple Noodle Marketing Podcast - Episode 7 What is Cannabis eCommerce - Purple Noodle Marketing

Summary of the episode: Nikki, Purple Noodle’s CFO, and Ed Discuss What is Cannabis eCommerce Content Marketing? What constitutes good Web Design, Marketing, and eCommerce? What are the top eCommerce Platforms? Which ones are for Cannabis? 

Cannabis eCommerce is using online commerce tools to complete transactions of cannabis-related goods, services, and digital content. It can take many forms, such as providing transaction options for dispensaries, boutiques, and other cannabis-related businesses. It can also facilitate online sales of cannabis products to consumers. Cannabis eCommerce is one of the many growth areas of the cannabis industry, offering a wide range of new opportunities for businesses and customers.

Episode transcript of Episode 7 – What is Cannabis eCommerce?

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Nikki: [00:00:00] Another thing that drives me nuts, not right away, is if I have to sign up.

Ed: So if you have to sign up right away when you get there?

Nikki: To check out, like maybe I wanna check out as a guest. Maybe I wanna. I don’t wanna have to remember a password, basically, remember a password, basically. remember a password, basically.

Ed: Episode seven. What is Cannabis eCommerce? Cannabis eCommerce is the use of online commerce tools to complete transactions of Cannabis related goods services, and digital content. It can take many different forms, such as providing transaction options for dispensaries, boutiques, and other Cannabis related businesses.

It can also be used to facilitate online sales of Cannabis products to consumers. Cannabis eCommerce is one of the many growth areas of the Cannabis industry, offering a wide range of new opportunities for business and customers alike.

We have a special guest with [00:01:00] us today, co-founder and CFO of Purple Noodle Marketing. Nikki, how’s it going?

How you doing?

Nikki: I’m good. I am not Steve. I’m your not Steve for the night

Ed: Yeah, Steve. We don’t know where Steve is right now, but he’s doing things. He’s busy.

Nikki: He is a busy guy. So I’m filling in. Don’t judge me too harshly.

Ed: Obviously you shop right? You shop online,

Nikki: girl,

Ed: what are some websites that you like to shop at?

Nikki: That is a very personal question, but, at least not the Amazon, I’ll tell you that.

Ed: Not the Amazon ,

Nikki: I shop a lot on Etsy cuz I like to support local handmade artists.

Ed: Do you remember how you found Etsy?

Nikki: I mean, Etsy’s always been there for me. But how do I search for things? I use a lot of keywords, Ed, to find what I want on the [00:02:00] internet.

Ed: Kinda like Cannabis seo. Huh?

Nikki: kinda but that’s not what we’re talking about today. Today. We’re talking about that eCommerce. I would like to buy some things on the internet. And as a novice, how can I best navigate a website to find what I want?


Ed: I know you like chewy.com. ,

Nikki: the puppies like Chewy, that’s for sure.

Ed: So what is it about shopping on chewy.com that you like?

Nikki: What I like about chewy.com is it gives me a lot of filters so I can filter down a lot. I feel like that is the first thing. is especially, I can filter dog, I can filter size, I can filter brand, I can filter color, I can filter ridiculous things, right? So that is what I like.

Ed: If you’re on a Cannabis website, what do you think the filtering would look like on a Cannabis website?

Nikki: Oh it would probably look a lot like . I don’t know, cuz I don’t even know [00:03:00] all the options. First of all, how do you want to digest your Cannabis?

Ed: That’s a good point.

Nikki: Do you wanna smoke? Do you wanna digest it? So I know there’s Smokeable and there’s Digestibles.

Ed: Yes. And there’s topicals like Cannabis rub and stuff like that, like CBD rubs.

Nikki: Oh, like the salves? Yes. First, I want a very simple breakdown of what do you want Cannabis to do? Do you want to eat it, smoke it, or rub it?

Ed: That’s a good point, right? So you have some educational aspects to the Cannabis, and you hope that as you’re shopping, like when you’re shopping at Chewy and you’re filtering down products, you go to that product and it tells you something about that product, right?

Nikki: I would hope so. . Okay. Otherwise I ain’t gonna buy it . Of course, it tells me something.

Ed: What is some things you’re looking for when you’re buying anything on a eCommerce website? What are the filter [00:04:00] options? So you’re looking at size, maybe color, there’s a whole bunch of options, right?

Nikki: There are a lot of options. I’m a curvy girl and I gotta buy clothes. So the first thing, if I’m gonna filter there, I usually filter by reviews. So that I can see what the reviews are for it. Does it run small? Does it run large? If anybody has a picture of them in it. So that is a good fill. I like to go buy.

Ed: And you like pictures, right? It’s gotta have good pictures.

Nikki: If I’m at a restaurant, you put a picture or something, I’m gonna buy it. . I don’t wanna read, I want a picture to point at.

Ed: So you gotta have good pictures, otherwise you’re not going to even entertain the idea, right?

Nikki: No. So for all you Cannabis companies out there, invest in some nice pictures. Yes. By a local photographer. Pictures are important, because I always wanna see what I’m buying.

Ed: Okay. And have you [00:05:00] ever shopped for Cannabis online?

Nikki: No. I have only ever shopped in store or taken what you’ve given me.

Ed: We get hooked up pretty well. But if you wanted to shop online for Cannabis, you would first do a search, right? So you’re looking for your local place. Unless you know of a place, you go to that website, and then what’s the first thing you’re looking for when you get to that website?

Nikki: I want it to be easy. I want it to be big enough print where I can read it with my bifocals. Okay. I want it to, like I said, give me one or two options of where to start. Deals on the front page would be nice too. I’m always a thrifty bitch. So I will go for a coupon.

Ed: So you’ll for some kind of discount coupon.

Nikki: Sure. I love discounts and coupons.

Ed: What are some other [00:06:00] things you look for when you’re shopping on a eCommerce?

Nikki: I don’t even know what to look for on a Cannabis site, or are we talking general sites again?

Ed: Yeah, let’s talk general.

Nikki: If I’m going on a restaurant site, for those of you listening who might own a Cannabis restaurant, the only thing I want to know on that front page is where you are, what your phone number is, and how late you are open.

That’s all I want.

Ed: Okay, so for a restaurant, that’s a pretty good line. I’ll put as to what you need.

Nikki: So for your Cannabis shop, I need to know where you are. Do you deliver to me? And what are your hours.

Ed: There are delivery options you probably wanna know address. If you don’t want to get delivered, you want to go there.

Nikki: Yep. That’s my main thing. Once I know that I can go there and I can ask all the questions that I need to.

Ed: Good. Now, have you ever set up a website of any kind, eCommerce? Do you know what kind [00:07:00] of eCommerce websites are out there?

Nikki: The kind where I buy things.

Ed: Okay, so you have a third-party platforms, right? You have, Shopify, you have Wix, you have Dutchie. There’s only a certain amount of eCommerce platforms that you can utilize for Cannabis. . We’ve talked about this a little bit before, but one is, Shopify, you can use that for now for Cannabis eCommerce purchasing, you can use Dutchie, but you have to have a license.

Your herbalist stores without a license cannot utilize that website.. There are many other different eCommerce websites out there, but they all require, in order for you to find them some way or another, they all require some kind of content marketing, some kind of, words on a page in order for you to find them, because otherwise the search engines won’t know how to direct you there. [00:08:00] So if you’re typing in Cannabis, hopefully your Cannabis shop nearby comes up in the search results.

Nikki: Now, if I Google searched edibles, does Google know that I want Cannabis edibles.

Ed: Edibles is a word that’s mostly associated with the Cannabis industry? When I type in edibles, one of the first results that it brings up is the places around me that have edibles, and one of the first places is my local dispensary that comes up. Then obviously edible arrangements always comes up cuz it’s edible. Edible arrangements, it’s one of the top.

Nikki: I do love me a good edible arrangement with chocolate covered strawberries.

Ed: It has little snippets. People also ask, how safe is edibles? What are edibles? How does edibles make you feel? So yeah, that word is mostly associated with edibles. And the number one search for edibles on eCommerce is leafly.com, one of our partners. The first result that comes up for edible, the word [00:09:00] edibles is an article on Leafly about shop weed edibles for THC infused products near you.

Nikki: I think that might be nice on a Cannabis page to give me a little rundown of what to expect. I’m a very Midwestern girl, raised on Nancy Reagan’s DARE program. I’m not educated. I know that there’s one kind that puts me to sleep and one kind that doesn’t put me to sleep. I need this website basically written for a five-year-old to understand.

Ed: When you’re writing this content, you wanna keep it at a certain grade level. Your average reading grade level in the United States is eighth grade. You probably want to go for fifth grade if you’re trying to reach the most amount of people over 21.

Nikki: I think too, there’s a lot of older people now using edibles and Cannabis for pain relief or things like [00:10:00] that, and spoiler alert they’re not the most internet savvy people. Making it very easy to know what you’re getting and how to get it, helps.

Ed: You wanna break down the content as much as possible. And Nikki said, you definitely wanna have an informational section of your website that explains, that educates all these folks that are getting into edibles for the first time that are getting into flower for the first time because, a lot of propaganda’s been going on out there. A lot of people have tried Cannabis, but who knows what they tried at the time. If it even had THC, if they were smoking hemp, who knows? They could have been smoking oregano. That’s happened to people in my neighborhood when we were kids.

Nikki: Don’t smoke ditch weed. It’s gross.

Ed: ditch weed. Yeah, exactly. That’s why I’m a big proponent of Cannabis regulation. I don’t want to be smoking ditch weed. A lot of folks have been able to get away with selling other folks ditch [00:11:00] weed or, weed that doesn’t have any THC or may not even be weed. It may look close enough to Cannabis. Those days are over if you going with dispensaries across the United States, especially after the Farm Bill of 2018.

Nikki: Basically, I need a lot of content on this website and let’s be honest, people don’t got a lot of time, so this is why you gotta hire a Cannabis marketing company like Purple Noodle Marketing.

Ed: Hint, hint,

Nikki: so that they can do all that tedious work while you are in store talking to your customers.

Ed: That’s the importance of it. And we talk about that, in the new, second edition of our book that we’re putting out on.

Nikki: What, there’s a second edition? When is that second coming out?

Ed: I’m writing it right now. We discuss products and one of the things we talk about is having enough educational content on the website in order to draw people to it, but when they get there, to explain it so that [00:12:00] everybody can understand

Nikki: in the universal language of Cannabis

Ed: right, can you think of some things that you could do as a Cannabis business that will help ensure that your Cannabis product reaches the masses?

Nikki: First of all, you could hire Purple Noodle marketing.

You could hire us.

Ed: Yes. That is important point. We certainly make sure that clients get seen in the Cannabis space. What has worked for you in eCommerce that’s gotten you to shop?

Nikki: Ads. ads always work.

Ed: We can’t do paid ads on Google, so unfortunately that can’t work. Or on social media.

Nikki: What about like Facebook?

Ed: That’s the hard part, right? So some of our clients have not been able to put their product out on Facebook because of the social media moral police, and the fact that they’re not insured. They cannot use advertising like we could. We can use advertising cause we are a Cannabis marketing company. We don’t touch the product, but anybody that touches the [00:13:00] product cannot use any kind of paid advertising.

Nikki: That is where it gets difficult. So where do you market online?

Ed: Couple of places that we’ve been able to do it for clients in the past has been like, directory websites, weedmaps.com, like Leafly.com, Cannabis.Pages.

There’s a whole bunch of different websites out there that we can utilize in order to get our dispensary clients noticed on their front pages. Nikki is showing me our amazing dog, Scooby dude behind her.

Nikki: Our dogs are cuddling. It’s cute.

Ed: Yeah, it’s pretty cute. Purple noodle and Scooby dude. They’re the one’s snuggling behind you.

Nikki: Yeah. Our dog is called Purple Noodle. That’s why we named the business . Our business is named after a dog. He’s a rescue. Adopt. Don’t shop.

Ed: Adopt don’t shop. That’s a good point. New York cut off, dogs being able to legally sold in pet stores, so that’s awesome. Can’t you run contest like sweepstakes for [00:14:00] eCommerce, that’s something you could do, right?

Nikki: Can you explain that?

Ed: Have you ever been on a contest or sweepstakes for any kind of website?

Nikki: No, I don’t sign up for that. Then I get calls and I don’t like to be on the phone.

Ed: So you don’t get any kind of emails or anything saying, Hey, you could win this if you do this?

Nikki: Yeah. No.

Ed: That’s one way you can drive traffic to website. Maybe some people that shop in the Cannabis space might want to do that. What about any kind of discounts? You can offer discounts?

Nikki: This is what I think, Ed, I feel like before weed was a very word of mouth business.

Ed: You can go down the corner, get two for five.

Nikki: But , it’s who you know. It’s all about giving them good product and a good experience because then they’ll recommend you to everybody else. And part of that maybe is give it a little discount. I’m gonna give you a little something knowing you’re gonna go tell your friends.[00:15:00]

Ed: Word of mouth. Advertising and discounts. What about a loyalty program? Have you been part of a loyalty program?

Nikki: I am with the Caribou coffee.

Ed: There you go. And so why do you go to that Caribou all the time?

Nikki: I go to Caribou because, A, it’s not Starbucks and B it’s amazing. If you don’t live in the Midwest, you don’t know what that is, but you should . But I do, I get a loyalty program, so I earn my points. I get a free drink on my birthday. It’s nice to know that continuingly going there gets you a little something back.

It’s like credit cards when you get rewards, like you spend to get a little back and it’s a little, but it’s something so they recognize you in some way. I think a loyalty program or a coupon program, give them your emails. When I worked at Barnes and Noble, that’s, part of the membership was you got exclusive coupons to certain things and maybe when you get a new product, you get early, early access to it [00:16:00] or you know it’s the holidays.

Dear listeners, it’s the holidays and no matter what you celebrate, mom wants some edibles. Really? She got a headache. She over it. She wants to sleep. So I think that especially around that, especially around holidays, sending out an exclusive coupon to your members. Mother’s Day, father’s Day, Arbor Day.

Celebrate the trees. You don’t need a reason.

Ed: That’s a good point. When you go shopping to a website, an eCommerce website of any kind, what draws you first to shopping there? What makes you walk away from a website real quick?

Nikki: If it takes a long ass time to load.

Ed: Load time’s really important, right? Right out the gate. If it takes forever to load, you’re not gonna shop there. What else?

Nikki: I don’t want loud music.

Ed: Okay, you don’t want something that plays automatically when you go to it?

Nikki: No, , I don’t want too much, [00:17:00] like I’m already stressed going somewhere where I don’t know anything.

So if there’s too many things right at the front page, I’m gonna be overwhelmed. That’s why I said simplistic and then give me things, give me clear pictures, clear definitions, more info if I need it. Maybe there’s a chat option. Maybe I can chat. Or I can email questions, that would be great too.

Ed: All right. What are some other things that drive you nuts when you go to a website? You don’t wanna shop there because you see it doesn’t work.

Nikki: Another thing that drives me nuts, not right away, is if I have to sign up.

Ed: So if you have to sign up right away when you get there,

Nikki: To check out, like maybe I wanna check out as a guest. Maybe I wanna. I don’t wanna have to remember a password, basically.

Ed: So if they don’t offer an option where you can, check out as a guest where you have to sign up, you have you, has that stopped you from shopping?

Nikki: It did [00:18:00] today. I don’t want your extra emails. I don’t want your text messages. I don’t want your spam. Do not spam people with emails, people. It’s annoying. Nobody likes it.

Ed: We’re gonna talk about that in Cannabis email marketing and SMS marketing later on.

Nikki: So stay tuned, folks. I’ll be back to bitch about it more then but let’s go back to the website. So the website has to be simplistic. It has to be, once again, readable. I’m old. I got the bifocals. I don’t wanna have tiny little writing. We want it accessible to all. So maybe there are options. Where you can make the picture bigger. Maybe I wanna look at it really close.

Ed: A Zoom option of some sort?

Nikki: Yeah, zoom option would be great. Like I said, a description would be great. I also wanna know the team. If you have a small business, I love to know [00:19:00] the team behind it. If there isn’t about us page, give me a picture of you and your dog will get you more than anything else.

Ed: Do you think that’s a Midwest thing? And do you think everybody is looking for that team picture, they wanna know that people are there in the background because that’s not important to me.

Nikki: I think it’s important to me. I wouldn’t not do it if they didn’t have one. You feel more of a connection. I know the guy who owns our local shop and that is the connection to me. So I know when I’m supporting that I know who I’m supporting. Once again, I have a lot of friends who are local artists, small business like ourselves. That is my take. I really like to support small local business and people I know and people who love dogs. .

Ed: There are all types of different options that you do want to have on your website in order for people to get more of a connection with you. It may be something as simple as having handmade drawings or having your [00:20:00] team members on the front page. Whatever you can do in order to connect with the person on the other side of that magic box will be very helpful for your Business.

Nikki: If you are a smart and local company, get on the Facebook pages, get on, get some local groups, show up to some local events. I think that’s a good marketing strategy that we don’t necessarily think about. We have a local shop, a pizza shop here, and every once in a while they do donations to a place where people can call and order pizza and they’ll donate it somewhere. I know that business is giving back to people as well, and that’s a feel good bonus to a business as well.

Ed: Having that personal connection or building that personal connection with you and your clients, your Cannabis enthusiasts, that’s important. It’s a little harder to do in Facebook and Instagram with Cannabis, but you can do it with, social club, you can do it [00:21:00] with other platforms out there that you can benefit by communicating with people. I bet if you did a Facebook group built around Cannabis and privatized it so that, people didn’t report it. The worst problem with social media is not so much the automatic AI that shuts down your websites, but it’s also the people that don’t like Cannabis or don’t understand Cannabis or fear Cannabis.

They will report you right away and then you get your stuff taken down. That’s why we have to be so careful with what we put out there as far as social media. I would recommend for Cannabis websites, having some kind of social media. I would also recommend having it somewhere at the bottom of the website so you’re not driving people away from your website automatically when you want them to stay in shop.

Nikki: That is also a good point. All right, Ed, let’s get ’em to stay on the website. How do you get me to stay on your website longer?

Ed: It’s short load times. It’s having a clean website that [00:22:00] looks nice, that has great color, doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, so it’s not doing all types of shiny magic crystal bullshit.

Nikki: Yes. And back to the color palette, also very important. Don’t put white on yellow and make it hard to read. Don’t try to be too creative. Oh, yeah. Where things don’t mesh well.

Ed: That bright red, bright yellow, bright green text will not help anybody. It won’t Nobody like that white text on a black background or a black text on a white background.

Do not get creative with those fonts or the text. Don’t make a squiggly script font on your website because nobody will read it. It’ll drive people away. You want to keep it simple as possible so that people shop, they don’t have to think they can buy and then you’re out.

Nikki: Don’t do things in cursive. Ain’t nobody being able to read that no more.

Ed: Nobody. One of the most popular eCommerce platforms is the WordPress WooCommerce, option. So you have [00:23:00] WordPress, which is your main site, and then you have WooCommerce, which is the, eCommerce plugin to add to the website to make it eCommerce.

We talk about that in a, we talked about that in the web design. The web design chapter. We’re also writing our, second book on Cannabis eCommerce 2.0, and we discuss it in there. WordPress WooCommerce is one of the options on our partner’s website, which is WP Engine. The first option is your basic WordPress informational site, and then you can embed something like Dutchie in there, a Leafly or Weedmaps.

The WooCommerce option is the second tier, it’s $50 a month. It’s Woo Commerce WordPress option. It gives you all the eCommerce options that you want, including payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, square. They also offer an extensive selection of extensions. Now, that’s the hard part with these things. You can add all these extensions in the world, but if it’s not [00:24:00] specifically, built by the same developer, you could have conflicts and that’s why a lot of people will shy away from the WooCommerce option and go to a third party platform like Shopify. Shopify is still doing Cannabis, so it’s a good option.

It’s a called a third party platform. You don’t own the Shopify at all. You rent out space on their platform, but they all the eCommerce kinks worked out so that you have a seamless shopping experience. On the Woo Commerce, WordPress option, you can tell it’s a little more clunky. It’s not specifically the Woo Commerce plugin extension is made for eCommerce, but WordPress is not. Originally, it’s made for more informational site, so you can tell it’s a little more clunky.


Then using a Shopify that’s built specifically for eCommerce. Then if you wanna go step beyond that, you can go to Weedmaps, Leafly or dutchy.com. All three are our partners. And you can get an embed, code that’ll allow you to put it into your WordPress and make that an [00:25:00] eCommerce website. There’s all the also other options like Magento, which we’ve talked about before because we’ve used it for one of our clients.

We built out their Magento platform and made their website A Cannabis directory. We’ve done it with Magento, we’ve done it with Joomla. BigCommerce is a powerful eCommerce platform that offers a range of features designed to help merchants take advantage of the latest trends in the industry.

We’ve utilized that before for Cannabis. It depends on the platform and it depends on the payment gateway. If they’re gonna allow you to do any kind of Cannabis, opencart’s a good platform as well. Those are some of the eCommerce options that we utilize in the industry in order to be able to set up our clients for success.

Nikki: Does WooCommerce have anything to do with Wutang?

Ed: It doesn’t, but we have talked about Wutang in our first episode, of course, because Wutang is for the children’s. Capitalism that is wutang, [00:26:00] they should have definitely made a plugin called WooCommerce, and it would’ve been for the Wu. Is there anything else you can think of for today as far as Cannabis? Anything you’ve read in the news about Cannabis lately?

Chuck Schumer was doing a last ditch Cannabis banking push. I don’t know if that’s gonna go through before the end of the session. oh, three hours ago, marijuana banking left out of federal spending bill. That’s too bad, boo. Yeah, because a lot of these companies, the problem is not usually getting the money. It’s where you put the money.

In a legal business, you’re fine. But in a business like this where you can’t get the FDIC insurance, many banks will not cover you, even though they know you’re getting the money legally, they will not allow it to have in the banks because they’re concerned about their investors.

A lot of people in the Cannabis industry have resorted to doing stupid stuff like keeping money at their homes, not because they want to, but because they have to. That’s too bad. I wish they would fix [00:27:00] that as soon as possible. Florida adult use Cannabis legalization petition gathered 50,000 valid signatures. It’s going to be on the ballot in 2024. Nice. So that’ll be exciting for Florida.

Nikki: Because Florida needs it, it needs more press

Ed: in local news. St. Louis Park announces Cannabis businesses licensure requirement beginning January 1st. They’re gonna require licensing on January 1st. Nashville lawmakers decided to file bill on legalizing recreational Cannabis.

Nikki: Congrats, Nashville,

Ed: Congrats, Nashville.

Nikki: Now I can go to the Grand Old Opry and be high as a kite.

Ed: Canada is doing it right. The legal Cannabis business is winning over the illicit consumer. The more you can do to move your business into a legal state, the more money everybody can make and the safer it is for everyone. So that’s a little brush up on Cannabis news

Nikki: I have one more thing, [00:28:00] ed. Can somebody please make a weed chocolate Advent calendar? I am staring at my Reese’s one and I’m like, that would be fun. To have a weed one.

Ed: Every night you take an edible and you’re going right to sleep.

Nikki: You know the holidays, you need it. I think that de-stress your holidays with this cannabis Advent calendar. Listen, the best Cannabis I had was that Pumpkin Spice white chocolate. I wanted to eat it cuz it was delicious.

Ed: Shout out to Retro Bakery.

Nikki: Shout out retro. It was Scrumtiouslyumsious. We could put that in an advent calendar. I would buy one for everyone.

Ed: awesome. This episode is sponsored by Purple Noodle Marketing, llc, helping Cannabis businesses grow organically. We are a Cannabis marketing firm specializing in Cannabis SEO, Cannabis eCommerce, and Cannabis marketing. [00:29:00] Check out our new book @ amazon.com and our website is purplenoodlemarketing.com.

 Our YouTube is at purple Noodle Marketing. This is Ed Higgins. I am joined by our amazing co-founder Nikki today. Thank you for being here Nikki.

Nikki: Thank you so much for having me. This was delightful. I hope to be back soon. Once again, go check out our Instagram and you will see pictures of our dogs. , which is amazing.

Ed: Yes. Purple noodle on Instagram.

Nikki: Please, subscribe, send us emails of topics you would like to hear from, comments, questions, concerns, share with your friends. Tell them how amazing this podcast is so they can listen to it while they should be working.

Ed: You’ve heard it here first. Folks, check us out anytime.

Nikki: We wish everybody a very happy and safe holidays from Purple Noodle Marketing.

Ed: Thank you. We’ll see you next week.

Nikki: Bye.

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