What is Inbound Cannabis Marketing?

What is Inbound Cannabis Marketing - Purple Noodle Marketing

Do you have a friend that always gives helpful advice? And always holds your hand; through any issues you may have? And if they don’t have the answer, they connect you with the right people or source you need. Then this is what Inbound Cannabis Marketing facilitates for customers and consumers. You feel empowered utilizing the brand and can see yourself reaching your goals with them. 

So, What is Inbound Cannabis Marketing Methodology

Business products and services that facilitate aiding the success of their customers ensure their Dispensary’s success. It is common sense to be the connection for information of goods and services for your targeted prospective customers. Using the Inbound Cannabis Marketing strategy to achieve these goals translates into success.

The pillars of Inbound Cannabis Marketing have been applied in three ways within its marketing methodology. They are:

  1. To attract customers
  2. Their engaging customers
  3. The result; is to delight them in success

To Attract Marijuana eCommerce Customers

Marketing is more content-driven. No matter the engaging graphics, if the content of the pictures is not informative, you have lost your consumer. So, providing informative content to attract customers to your brand is critical. You have considered the source of information, and a conversation begins. The truth and trust factor developed, and your relationship was established.

Their Engaging Dispensary Customers

Anyone seeking answers to their concerns has what we call pain points. If your products and services can aid in relieving these pain points, your job as a facilitator is complete. The customer ends up making a purchase or using the services; which your business provides.

The result is to Delight Them For Dispensary Success.

The Inbound Cannabis Marketing service is compared to the feeling of accomplishment. When a business helps consumers to achieve their goals, they are empowered. And they are delighted with the help provided for success. 

With the above three pillars achieved, customers will willingly share their experiences with friends and family. Not to mention social media was brought into play. They will ensure informing as many of their contacts; about the help provided by your brand. The circle is complete. Since the customer achieved their goal, they are satisfied and tell others about the experience. Now, imagine; this scenario repeating hundreds or thousands of times, sustaining leads to your brand. This is called the Fly Wheel.

What is The Fly Wheel?

The flywheel methodology explains what Inbound Cannabis Marketing does. To achieve momentum while delivering uncommon customer service was adopted by HubSpot. The concept of attracting strangers engages prospects and delights customers; through promotion. 

The thousands of customers attracted to your brand are the momentum you build with Inbound Cannabis Marketing strategies. Your keeping your customers is called; forces for your flywheel.

Counter with Flywheel Friction

Flywheel friction is caused when your wheel’s momentum slows. The most likely reason for flywheel friction is miscommunication in the team. There must be communication about the inbound strategy to your marketing team and understanding and being on the same page. Communication eliminates friction. Nothing is less attractive when customers sense a lack of togetherness within a company.

They run for the hills!

This is because they know help is not available with this brand. 

A team that works together can cause the force within your flywheel to explode. The point is achieved when marketing, sales, and customer services work together for the company’s greater good.

Your sales team uses social applications available to them to make sales. And enlightens customers as to the brand. The marketing team pushes informative blogs, engages in event marketing, and utilizes paid ads to ensure the brand remains current. Customer service is the lubricant for continuing force on the flywheel. 

Customer service is critical. Communication with customers on a personal level; opens doors for them to relay experiences through referrals. 

Some Marketing Strategies For Inbound Cannabis Marketing

The flywheel methodology has proven effective when applying the three pillars:

  • Attract
  • Engage
  • Delight

How to Attract an Inbound Cannabis Marketing

 Using the flywheel method of attraction content creation is the most effective. Like anything, information runs the informed. The customers you target need information, and what better way than by creating informative content and publishing them on your website and in location print media? The format can take a social media post approach. It can take the form of FAQs. There can even be DIY- Do-It-Yourself options should you provide a service-oriented brand. Whatever your brand, ensure your make attraction is user-friendly to consumers. 

There is also the option of testimonials for prospective customers to view. These testimonials; give them the personal experience of users of your products and services. Another attraction for customers is detailed information for accessing discounts and promotional items. Your flywheel remains a force!

Optimizing Inbound Cannabis Marketing Strategy

Optimizing your Inbound Cannabis Marketing strategy; another notch is to utilize SEO-Search Engine Optimization. Using specific keywords and phrases about the brand and its products within your content can help customers find your brand. And helps solve any customer problems by attracting them to your brand offers. 

Organic marketing is; achieved with this kind of Inbound Cannabis Marketing. It enables your content to be found by your targeted audience; by what is known as SERP- search engine results page. 

How To Engage With Inbound Cannabis Marketing

Whether you engage customers through the contacts page on your website or call responses, please remember that you are providing a service. Your engaging job using Inbound Cannabis Marketing strategies is to engage customers and keep them informed while focusing on responses in a friendly and communicative manner. You cannot sound robotic and curt in your response. This can turn off a customer from your brand. Work into your communicating with the customer more information than asked. The service provided is to help; be helpful. 

Delighting Marijuana Dispensary Customers

The strategy to delight customers in Inbound Cannabis Marketing is self-explanatory. You ensure customers are happy and fulfilled with the services provided by engaging them in conversation while; providing the reason for attraction to the product or service. 

Not only do you facilitate surveys, but you also ensure responses should customers have suggestions for better service. The aim is to continue the conversation, even after they have hung up the call; or have thanked you for your help responding to questions and comments posted on the website. Engagement goes a long way in generating leads

The Purple Noodle Conclusion

Inbound Cannabis Marketing is the simplest form of advertising. You get to liaise with customers; generate relationships while chatting up the positives offered by any product or service. Like any customer-related business, good customer service is critical. With this in mind, your Inbound Cannabis Marketing strategy can grow your business far greater; than your expectations. 

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