Things to Know About Affiliate Marketing Concerning Digital Marketing

Things to Know About Affiliate Marketing Concerning Digital Marketing - Purple Noodle Marketing

Digital marketing has many platforms to help businesses achieve growth online. Affiliate marketing is one such platform and is considered one of the oldest applications for generating sales and interest in any product. The basic principle of affiliate marketing is to refer someone to any product or service, and should they like it, they buy it, and you make a commission. This activity is online.

Learning how to become an Affiliate Marketer is easy. The level of need you invest into becoming competent is entirely up to you. Based on ShoutMeLoud, learning the principles of affiliate marketing and working with them may take about two hours of your day; you probably have a 9-5 already. 

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

The application is so simple that you don’t have to have a college degree to make it a career. Here are the basic steps for doing affiliate marketing:

  • Register or join an affiliate program. This is not hard. There is a long list of affiliate programs listed on Google for you to choose from. Depending on the product you want to be affiliated with, that is the one you join. 
  • Pick the product you want to refer to. The business site you register to become an affiliate will provide you with an affiliate link unique to you. 
  • You get a commission if someone is interested in your product and makes a purchase. Your affiliate commission is determined by the product, the price, and the commission attached to it. 
  • Every purchase attached to an affiliate marketer’s link is linked to the merchant’s website. The customer makes the purchase, and the cycle continues. 
  • There are thousands of merchants that offer affiliate programs for their online stores. Anyone interested in becoming an affiliate marketer can join because it is free. The link; that is unique to you comes with an online profile introducing you to the merchant and their products. 
  • Payment for commissions is through Paypal, Payoneer, Cheque, and wire transfer. Payment of commissions is automated. Whenever you make a sale through your link, the commission automatically goes to your chosen payment portal. 

Training to Become an Expert in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can become your full-time career if you want it to. Most people venture into this money-making opportunity for extra income and have opted to leave their 9-5. The returns are that possible. 

If you start second-guessing yourself about the decision made, only think of the many opportunities for living a financially comfortable life and the possibilities opened to you. Anything worth having takes dedication and stick-to-itiveness! Ask yourself what you have to lose. Should you quit because it gets a bit sticky during training?

How To Start Training For Affiliate Marketing

There are a few tried and true routes to affiliate marketing. They are:


Start a blog in the niche you feel passionate about. ShoutMeLoud recommends this route. It is cheap, easy, and does not need you tearing your hair out How To?

Start your own Youtube channel 

And promote merchants’ products as their Affiliate marketers. Podcasts’ are great for recommending products as a starter affiliate.

Create a Website

Solely for marketing merchant products by email. The email list is dedicated to your affiliate marketing business and is easily accessible. 

The rinse-and-repeat model of any of the above options enables you to see your earnings grow; once you start. 

How To Go About Learning About Affiliate Marketing

Most, if not all, digital marketing courses online offer some introduction to affiliate marketing. You should research to know if they go into detail as to what you need to know. Because the course is free and offered online, it doesn’t mean you are getting everything you need to learn. Like any course, affiliate marketing has options based on your needs.

If you are venturing into this money-making career for the first time, you may consider signing up for the ShoutMeLoud Affiliate Marketing Course. They start from the basics and help in areas of the understanding you might not get with other courses. Purple Noodle Marketing Course is another great option for learning Affiliate marketing. And there are others online. Google is your friend, so utilize this resource to find the right course to fit your needs. 

For people in the business already, your thirst for knowledge and to update your information is also a good idea to do an Affiliate Marketing upgrade course. The digital marketing scene is changing rapidly, and as such, you have to be in the know at all times. 

Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable? 

Is affiliate marketing profitable? The question is asked; by anyone who does not know what affiliate marketing is about. For the people that are educating themselves about this business venture, the answer is YES!

Like any new business venture you get into, it will be slow. Getting your feet wet can be a bit daunting. But sticking to the myriad possibilities to earn big bucks is a plus. You have the potential to earn millions. While some people, depending on their level of time and patience, if focused, can make in the ballpark of $20-30 thousand dollars monthly. You determine what you earn.

The Purple Noodle Conclusion

Because the scope of the digital marketing platform entails using many options, you can delve into them all. We do suggest you work with the platform that is comfortable for you when beginning the journey. When you are competent with that platform, incorporate another into your portfolio. There is no hard and fast rule to just stick to one. The sky is the limit, and your earnings are up to you. 

One of the many pluses of affiliate marketing; you determine when you work, how hard you work, and what kind of lifestyle you want to have from the career.

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