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Social media is the online conversation among people, with friends and family, and the integration of casual advertising for commercial advancement. Social Media is Digital Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing, or SMM, is the utilization of the free social connections of people in any geographical location to market products and services. This kind of marketing is achieved, via the internet, connecting smartphones, computers, and any form of communication online. It is the cheapest form of marketing on the planet and can generate sales and increase the customer base. 

Business owners need to understand that social media is virtually free advertising, and whatever they post or advertise on the platforms represents their brand.

Because it is a component of digital marketing, the strategy to connect businesses with the right social media site; pertains to the demographics they want to attract. Consumers spend most of their waking hours online searching for information. Regardless of age, there is a benefit for them during searches for brand products or just for educational purposes. So, why should business owners not capitalize on this vast resource? 

Almost every business owner uses the marketing strategy of social media marketing to build their sales capacity. The thing is, your competition is doing it too. You have to stay in the marketplace and be relevant to consumers. 

To use social media marketing effectively, business owners must do the following:

  • Creating informative content
  • Engaging online connections
  • Analysis of data for updates if needed
  • Advertising for better ROI/ rate of Investment

How Effective Is Social Media Marketing

We are in the internet era, and as such, we have to learn to utilize the offerings of its applications. Businesses can effectively boost their online presence using social media. A business website is the first step to becoming a noticed brand. If your business is new, getting a website done is the priority. The budget has to contain marketing as the strategy. And, should you not have the budget to do a website, social media is an excellent platform to start your marketing campaign. 

Social media platforms allow business owners to have a free business page on their platform for advertising. The beauty of these platforms is; you can post and engage with your followers daily. Any sales or product information you want your customer base to know, there is where you do it. The valuable feedback gained from these postings; can help with how your brand evolves and the benefits customers have when given the information. 

Social Media Marketing and Its Drawbacks

Although social media platforms enhance advertising, there is some built-in payment structure you need to know. For example, Facebook; has built-in algorithms that limit how many followers can view your page. If you have more followers for your brand than the limit is, your product will not be available to that amount. This is true for business as well as personal Facebook accounts. 

Depending on the type of products or services you venture into; will determine the social media platform used. Whatever product or service you want to market on social media, you should check the platforms’ TOS- terms of service. This will give you loads of information about what they allow to be advertised; on their platform. The most known restricted products are pharmaceuticals, gambling products, erotica, and tobacco-related products. 

Social Media Platform Applicable to Your Product and Service

Many platforms work well in distributing information. Which one you use depends on several factors. The factors include Demographics, Reach, and a bunch of other essential factions.


Almost all age groups use Facebook. You would think it is specific to teens and young adults. Not so! Research shows; 40.5 and 60% of users are in the age group 35 and older, and less than 10% are aged 17 and younger. These stats are within the United States. Therefore, it is for the benefit of businesses deciding to use Facebook as their marketing platform and to target the demographics of between 17-40 age range. 

Target your product based on age, so you can best benefit from the over 2 billion Facebook users worldwide. 


Whatever market demographic you want to target, Instagram is where its at. The age group range between 17 and 35; is contained in the 64% of Instagram users you need to generate interest and sales of your brand. Imagine a chunk of the over 700 million users globally using and are interested in your business!

Next, Fanbase

The fanbase has a following of over 69 million users that post or visit daily. Why do you think many people utilize social media space so often? It is reported that 40% of the million are active daily, and the younger age group is between 18 and 29. Depending on your product or service, ROI is worth investigating to see what this social media platform can do for your business. 


For persons in B2B or Business to Business space LinkedIn is perfect. You have to generate a buzz, and this is the platform to do it on. If you want to establish your presence in the business world with the expectation of establishing a network, then for future business prospects, LinkedIn can certainly deliver. 

The Purple Noodle Conclusion

Social media marketing platforms evolve alarmingly. Businesses must utilize their powerful benefits. Social media platforms like; Social Club, Instagram, LinkedIn, Fanbase, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest are getting more significant. 

Many digital marketing services are strategizing ways to introduce newer and more innovative means for businesses to capitalize on social media marketing. The sky is the limit, and because these platforms offer exposure at an alarming rate, it is well within the business’s best interest to integrate these platforms with a website. 

We mentioned earlier new businesses and a budget that may not include a website initially. After you have established your web presence on the social media marketing you chose, it is imperative; you make a budget for a website. This is where combining content, graphics, reviews, social media marketing, and more can establish your brand in a big way. 


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