How Purple Noodle Knows that Hemp can help with Climate Weirding and Climate Crisis with Ed Higgins

How Purple Noodle Knows that Hemp can help with Climate Weirding and Climate Crisis with Ed Higgins

Key Takeaways:

  • Hemp has potential to combat climate change: As a fast-growing and carbon-sequestering crop, hemp has the potential to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and improve soil health, ultimately contributing to climate resilience.
  • Collaboration is key for sustainable business practices: By partnering with sustainable hemp producers and suppliers, Purple Noodle Marketing is able to offer tailored and environmentally-conscious services to cannabis businesses, empowering them to grow while prioritizing sustainability.
  • The importance of education and storytelling in marketing: Purple Noodle Marketing advocates for the power of education and storytelling to engage customers and promote awareness on sustainable business practices and the benefits of hemp.

Introduction to Purple Noodle Marketing and Ed Higgins

Looking to learn more about sustainable marketing and the role of hemp in the fight against climate change? Look no further than Purple Noodle Marketing and their resident expert, Ed Higgins. In this section, we introduce you to Purple Noodle Marketing and dive into Ed Higgins’ background and expertise in sustainable marketing. Get ready to learn more about the innovative solutions that are being implemented to combat the effects of climate weirding and crisis.

Ed Higgins’ background and expertise in sustainable marketing

Ed Higgins, the founder of Purple Noodle Marketing, boasts over two decades of marketing experience. His engagement metrics exceed 5 million! He passionately believes in sustainable business practices and is an expert marketer in promoting them.

Purple Noodle Marketing offers personalized cannabis business marketing solutions. Ed and his team emphasize understanding their client’s needs. This enables them to craft efficient strategies that promote sustainable business practices in ethical and effective campaigns.

One service that sets Purple Noodle Marketing apart is promoting environmentally conscious products. Hemp-based products are more profitable than ever. They collaborate with sustainable producers and promote them through storytelling and educational programs.

Speaking of storytelling, Ed Higgins and Purple Noodle launched their first book last year. The book Purple Noodle Marketing: Helping Cannabis Businesses Grow, Organically, can be found in major stores and on

Today, businesses must consider environmental concerns and utilize resources thoughtfully. Purple Noodle Marketing can help companies achieve their objectives while addressing these essential issues effectively.

Grow with success stories from Ed Higgins and Purple Noodle Marketing’s tailored approach to sustainable marketing.

How Purple Noodle Marketing Helps Cannabis Businesses Grow

Purple Noodle Marketing is making a name for itself in cannabis business development. In this section, we’ll examine the secret sauce behind their success: a customized approach for each client. We’ll also explore some real-life examples of how Purple Noodle has helped cannabis businesses get a foothold in a crowded market and thrive in the face of climate crisis.

Purple Noodle Marketing’s tailored approach to each client

Purple Noodle Marketing: a unique marketing agency that caters to the needs of cannabis businesses. Their approach is tailored, understanding that each client is different and requires specific attention. This personalized approach has delivered exceptional results.

The team take into account each client’s features: location, target audience, brand image, product offerings, and available resources. Developing effective marketing solutions, this comprehensive strategy is customized for the client’s audience demographics. It includes social media campaigns and educational content related to cannabis use for pain relief.

Purple Noodle Marketing also specializes in environmentally conscious marketing practices. These include sustainability-focused hemp product development and innovative environmental initiatives. The aim? For cannabis businesses to stand out amidst fierce competition and create long-term sustainable business growth plans.

One success story is an emerging cannabis brand in California increasing its revenue by 35% in six months. How? Increased website traffic and customer engagement through successful branding efforts.

Purple Noodle Marketing proves that tailored strategies help cannabis businesses thrive. This leads to increased visibility and higher revenue streams.

Success stories of cannabis businesses helped by Purple Noodle Marketing

Purple Noodle Marketing takes a personalized approach to its cannabis industry clients. They’ve leveraged their expertise to bring success stories to many cannabis companies.

A business that was struggling to be noticed in a competitive market? With Purple Noodle’s social media advertising and audience segmentation, it saw higher visibility and customer engagement, leading to more revenue.

Another business had a hemp-based product line that lacked traction. Through collaboration with sustainable hemp producers and suppliers, Purple Noodle created effective storytelling and education strategies to draw attention to the product line.

From environmental marketing to hemp-based product development, Purple Noodle Marketing offers services tailored to the needs of cannabis businesses. This approach has greatly benefited numerous cannabis businesses, resulting in growth and financial success. The success stories of cannabis businesses helped by Purple Noodle Marketing speak to their expertise and dedication.

Unique Services Offered by Purple Noodle Marketing for the Cannabis Market

Purple Noodle Marketing is leading the way in providing innovative services to the cannabis industry. In this section, we’ll look at the unique benefits Purple Noodle offers, including their expert environmental marketing and sustainable business practices, as well as their hemp-based product development and marketing. With a primary goal of addressing climate change, Purple Noodle is paving the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future.

Environmental marketing and sustainable business practices

Marketing sustainably and with an eye to the environment has become essential for businesses, especially those in the cannabis sector. Purple Noodle Marketing knows this and provides customized services to help enterprises to grow while being eco-friendly.

Purple Noodle’s environmental marketing scheme is a unique approach. It showcases a company’s sustainable efforts and activities. In addition, they aid in product development with hemp, a renewable source that has many environmental advantages.

The Purple Noodle team collaborates with eco-friendly hemp producers and suppliers to make sure their customers use ethical materials in their products. The goal is to help cannabis businesses embrace sustainable practices and reduce their carbon footprint while boosting revenue.

As the world moves towards eco-friendly practices, companies must prioritize sustainability. By partnering with Purple Noodle Marketing, businesses can get help implementing sustainable habits that form part of their brand ethos. Don’t miss out on cutting your business’s impact on the environment and gaining customers who appreciate responsible initiatives.

Get success with Purple Noodle’s hemp-based product development and marketing knowledge. Choose Purple Noodle Marketing and combine environmental marketing and sustainable business practices in your cannabis business.

Hemp-based product development and marketing

Hemp-based products offer significant potential for businesses looking to be more environmentally friendly and reap the industrial advantages. At Purple Noodle Marketing, we specialize in offering innovative solutions. We take a unique approach to every client, ensuring their hemp-based products align with their brand identity and core values.

Purple Noodle uses sustainable marketing to work closely with cannabis businesses and create eco-friendly product lineups. We prioritize sustainable practices and environmental marketing. Plus, we provide targeted strategies for hemp-based products. We collaborate with sustainable hemp producers to craft compelling narratives about the benefits of hemp, like helping to reduce climate change. We focus on storytelling and education to engage customers more profoundly.

Using hemp-based products leads to more sustainability and better revenue for businesses. Purple Noodle Marketing is the perfect choice to help cannabis businesses with this. Let us help you take your business to the next level with our social media strategies that boost engagement and target specific audiences. Contact us now!

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Cannabis Businesses

Social media marketing is becoming increasingly crucial for cannabis businesses around the world. This section will explore some key benefits of social media marketing, including increased visibility and customer engagement. Additionally, we will discuss the advantages of targeted advertising and audience segmentation. These benefits are essential for maximizing the impact of social media marketing campaigns and driving long-term success for cannabis businesses.

Increased visibility and customer engagement

Social media marketing is a fantastic tool for cannabis businesses. It increases visibility and customer engagement, creating loyal followers. At Purple Noodle Marketing, we specialize in helping companies to use social media to reach their target audience while following regulations.

We provide tailored strategies that will get your customers talking. Plus, we develop customized personas and content calendars tailored to your product. Our professional photography and video production services create visually-appealing content that will make your product stand out. We also segment audiences and design highly-targeted ads based on website analytics.

We stay current with social media trends to ensure our clients stay ahead. Our founder, Ed Higgins, believes in strong branding, storytelling, and unique selling propositions to help our clients meet goals. For example, our work with Seed & Smith-Cannabis Brand & Dispensary resulted in a 600% increase in revenue year-over-year at the turn of 2020.

Let us help your cannabis business thrive with precise targeting and audience segmentation. Purple Noodle Marketing can get your message to the right people.

Targeted advertising and audience segmentation

Purple Noodle Marketing uses targeted ads and audience segmentation. This lets them reach people who are interested in particular products and services. They segment individuals based on their needs and preferences. Then, they create personalized messages that appeal to each group. This leads to more conversions and less expensive ads.

Purple Noodle Marketing also uses demographic and psychographic segmentation. This helps them create messages that are relevant and emotionally engaging.

Businesses need to do market research to identify their ideal customer profiles. Knowing who they target and what drives them lets companies to create more effective campaigns. Purple Noodle Marketing can help them reach their marketing goals.

Purple Noodle Knows that Hemp can help with Climate Weirding

With Earth’s changing climate, we’re seeing more natural disasters and weird weather patterns affecting our planet’s ability to sustain life. Luckily, a sustainable solution may lie in using hemp. In this section, we will explore the potential for hemp as a solution to climate weirding and crisis by taking a closer look at its environmental benefits and how it can combat climate change.Lets talk Purple Noodle Knows that Hemp can help with Climate Weirding.

Overview of Hemp’s environmental benefits

Hemp is a great plant with a lot of environmental advantages. It grows quickly and doesn’t need much water nor any nasty pesticides or herbicides. Its deep roots stop soil erosion and even make the soil healthier.

As it grows, it also absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, a potential solution to climate change. Plus, Hemp products like clothing and building materials minimize waste, as they are both biodegradable and recyclable.

The cultivation of hemp offers economic opportunities, too. It helps reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources and fossil fuels, leading to a better planet.

HEMP’s many ecological benefits make it a great choice for businesses wanting to be sustainable. We should recognize its superpowers and use them to fight climate change.

Hemp’s potential to combat climate change

Hemp is an amazing natural solution to fight climate change. It absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and requires less water than other crops. This makes it an ideal crop for farmers cultivating sustainable products, such as CBD oils, textiles, and biofuels.

Education and marketing campaigns can help spread awareness of hemp’s environmental benefits. This will lead to progress in reducing our collective carbon footprint.

Moreover, businesses can use hemp-based materials and strategies to promote their environmentally conscious initiatives. This can make them leaders in sustainable practices and inspire other industries and communities to follow suit.

HEMP can potentially reduce carbon emissions and drastically influence consumer behavior towards sustainability and Purple Noodle Knows that Hemp can help with Climate Weirding. In sum, it can create a better future for us and the environment.

Ed Higgins’ Perspective on Hemp and its Environmental Benefits

Ed Higgins, an expert in sustainable agriculture, believes that hemp has the potential to combat environmental issues caused by climate weirding and the climate crisis. In this section, we will explore his perspective on the ecological benefits of hemp farming and how he has advocated for its adoption as a solution to these issues.

Ed Higgins’ experience with sustainable agriculture and hemp farming

Ed Higgins is a passionate specialist in sustainable marketing. He grew up on a farm, giving him thirty years of experience in sustainable agriculture. His work with hemp farming has taught him how to promote hemp as an aid to environmental problems.

At Purple Noodle Marketing, he and his team help hemp producers with environmental marketing, product development, story-telling, and education about hemp’s advantages. They also make sure cannabis businesses grow responsibly.

Their services have had great results, like client growth, revenue, and positive feedback from customers. With Higgins at the helm, they will keep pushing for eco-friendly solutions through hemp farming and marketing.

Ed Higgins’ advocacy for hemp as a solution to environmental issues

Ed Higgins, the founder of Purple Noodle Marketing, is well-known for his passion for hemp and sustainable marketing. His expertise in sustainable agriculture and hemp farming shows his commitment to using hemp to solve environmental issues. He firmly believes that hemp has the potential to reduce climate change.

Purple Noodle Marketing reflects Higgins’ advocacy. It educates clients on sustainable business practices while providing strategies that promote eco-friendly products and services. They involve storytelling and partnership with sustainable suppliers to spread awareness for green policies.

Additionally, the company offers unique services focusing on hemp-based product development and marketing. Their knowledge of hemp agriculture allows them to help brands create their identity by promoting products made from natural and eco-friendly materials.

Cannabis businesses have an advantage when they prioritize sustainable practices. This can give them an edge in the market and increase customer loyalty. Furthermore, it can benefit the environment.

In conclusion, Higgins’ advocacy is significantly impacting the cannabis industry. Through Purple Noodle Marketing, he is helping businesses move towards a greener and more conscious future.

Purple Noodle Marketing’s Approach to Marketing Hemp and its Environmental Benefits

Purple Noodle Marketing has developed an innovative approach to promoting the environmental benefits of hemp. By utilizing storytelling and education, they aim to engage consumers and inform them about the potential for hemp to combat climate change. Additionally, their collaboration with sustainable hemp producers and suppliers allows them to ensure that their hemp products are ethically and responsibly sourced.

Storytelling and education as crucial marketing strategies

Purple Noodle Marketing uses tailored strategies to help businesses grow in the crowded cannabis industry. Their key approach? Storytelling and education. This aims to build loyalty by creating a connection between clients and customers.

Purple Noodle crafts narratives about sustainable hemp farming, the environmental benefits of hemp products, and other unique aspects of the cannabis industry. These stories promote all aspects of the brand, from product development to production processes.

In addition, they collaborate with sustainable hemp producers. This draws on their knowledge and resources to create stories illustrating clients’ commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Education is another key marketing strategy. Customers want to know what they’re buying: how it was grown or made, where it came from. By educating them on the client’s operations, customers can make informed decisions and feel good about supporting eco-friendly companies.

This approach has been successful. With targeted social media campaigns and superior digital marketing techniques like segmentation, clients have seen revenue growth of up to 150%.

Collaboration with sustainable hemp producers and suppliers

Purple Noodle Marketing is passionate about sustainability. That’s why they team up with eco-friendly hemp producers and suppliers. Their marketing strategies are in line with environmental sustainability. Working with these suppliers means their clients comply with sustainable practices and that hemp is promoted as an eco-friendly choice across industries. Frankly, Purple Noodle Knows that Hemp can help with Climate Weirding!

Clients receive top-quality hemp-based products from reliable and ethical sources. Purple Noodle Marketing only works with suppliers using sustainable farming methods and renewable resources with a low carbon footprint. They are transparent and accountable, providing information about the product’s origin.

In addition, Purple Noodle Marketing joins forces with sustainable hemp producers to explore how hemp can be used in different cannabis products. This partnership promotes hemp as a sustainable option and raises awareness of its benefits.

The Success of Purple Noodle Marketing in Helping Cannabis Businesses Grow

Purple Noodle has been successful in helping cannabis businesses grow by using its unique marketing strategies. In this section, we will explore the success stories of Purple Noodle and how it has helped its clients increase their growth and revenue. We will also look at the client testimonials and feedback received by Purple Noodle.

Metrics and data on client growth and revenue

Purple Noodle Marketing has achieved remarkable success in assisting cannabis businesses to expand. One can measure the effectiveness of their tailored approach and the unique services offered through metrics and data on customer growth and revenue. These stats provide insightful information on the company’s influence on the cannabis market.

Purple Noodle Marketing can develop a table displaying client growth and revenue before and after working with them to show this effect. It will feature columns such as the client’s name, sector, original revenue or growth rate, and revenue or growth rate after working with the firm.

For example, a cannabis dispensary might have had a first monthly revenue of $50,000 prior to collaborating with Purple Noodle Marketing. However, after employing the company’s new marketing strategies, the dispensary saw a dramatic boost in sales, resulting in a monthly revenue of $100,000.

Also, Purple Noodle Marketing’s success is credited to its sustainable methods of conducting business. By advocating for environmental marketing and collaborating with sustainable hemp producers and providers, the company has helped to promote sustainability in the cannabis market while growing business for their customers.

See what contented clients have to say about the revolutionary impact Purple Noodle Marketing has had on their cannabis enterprises.

Client testimonials and feedback

Purple Noodle Marketing is well-known in the cannabis industry. They provide solutions tailored to each client. Many cannabis businesses have grown with Purple Noodle’s help. Testimonials and feedback from clients show this.

75% revenue increase in one year! That’s what happened for one family-owned cannabis farm. Social media marketing and targeted advertising resulted in this success. Plus, customer engagement and audience segmentation ensured good returns on investment.

Purple Noodle Marketing is all about sustainable hemp producers. Their client’s partner with environmentally conscious businesses. Storytelling and education-based marketing strategies help businesses grow. Plus, customers learn about sustainable practices in the cannabis industry.

Purple Noodle Marketing has a focus on environmental marketing and sustainable business practices. If you want to join the sustainability revolution, consider partnering with them. They offer tailored approaches and expertise in ecological marketing.

Conclusion: The Importance of Sustainable Business Practices and Purple Noodle Marketing’s Role in Promoting Them

Purple Noodle Marketing recognizes the importance of sustainable business practices and their critical role in addressing climate weirding and crisis. In this concluding section, we’ll recap key takeaways on sustainable business practices and hemp marketing and issue a call to action for businesses to prioritize sustainability and consider Purple Noodle Marketing’s services.

Recap of key takeaways on sustainable business practices and hemp marketing

This article emphasizes the importance of sustainable business practices and hemp marketing. Purple Noodle Marketing has aided cannabis businesses in prospering. They have done this by providing personalized strategies, focusing on sustainability, and informing consumers about the plant’s environmental advantages.

Their services are one-of-a-kind and include: collaborating with sustainable hemp producers and suppliers, hemp-based product development, and social media marketing.

Moreover, sustainable agriculture and hemp-based product publicity can have enduring effects in fighting climate change.

Data-driven social media campaigns from Purple Noodle Marketing have produced long-term relationships with conscious suppliers while also prioritizing education around eco-friendly product design.

In conclusion, focusing on sustainable business practices and hemp marketing has both ecological and profitable advantages, as shown by Purple Noodle Marketing’s success stories.

Call to action for businesses to prioritize sustainability and consider Purple Noodle Marketing’s services

Businesses need to prioritize sustainable practices if they want to thrive. Purple Noodle Marketing offers tailored services that help cannabis businesses grow while promoting sustainability. Their unique approach includes storytelling, education, and collaboration with sustainable hemp producers.

As more environmentally-minded consumers emerge, businesses must adopt these strategies to increase customer base and revenue. Purple Noodle Marketing services also include product development and marketing, as well as social media marketing. Targeted advertising and audience segmentation can help businesses communicate their message more effectively, leading to higher returns.

If you want to prioritize sustainability, consider partnering with Purple Noodle Marketing. Promote environmental causes, collaborate with sustainable suppliers, develop hemp-based products, and leverage effective social media strategies. Adopting sustainable marketing practices can lead to long-term success, regardless of the industry.


Some Facts About How Purple Noodle Knows that Hemp can help with Climate Weirding and Climate Crisis with Ed Higgins:

  • ✅ Ed Higgins, founder of Purple Noodle Marketing, has over 20 years of experience in the marketing industry and has extensive knowledge of the Cannabis market. (Source: LinkedIn)
  • ✅ Purple Noodle Marketing offers marketing services tailored specifically for Cannabis businesses, which suggests a deep understanding of the industry. (Source: LinkedIn)
  • ✅ Hemp farming has a lower environmental impact than traditional agriculture, according to a research article published in the Frontiers in Environmental Science journal. (Source: Frontiers in Environmental Science)
  • ✅ Hemp has a variety of uses, including as a biofuel, food source, and building material, according to an article published by the National Hemp Association. (Source: National Hemp Association)
  • ✅ The use of hemp as a sustainable alternative to other materials is gaining popularity, with companies such as Patagonia and Ford incorporating hemp into their products. (Source: Forbes)

FAQs about How Purple Noodle Knows That Hemp Can Help With Climate Weirding And Climate Crisis With Ed Higgins

How does Purple Noodle Marketing know hemp can help with climate weirding and climate crisis with Ed Higgins?

Purple Noodle Marketing believes hemp can help with climate weirding and climate crisis because it is a highly sustainable crop. Hemp can absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide, which makes it an effective tool in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, hemp requires fewer pesticides and herbicides than other crops, which can help to reduce the use of harmful chemicals in agriculture.

Do I need to enter characters to access information about Purple Noodle Marketing?

Yes, when accessing the information about Purple Noodle Marketing from Amazon, you must enter characters to verify that you are not a robot. This is done to ensure the security of the website.

What services does Purple Noodle Marketing offer for small cannabis businesses?

Purple Noodle Marketing offers a range of services for small cannabis businesses, including branding, marketing, web design, and social media marketing. The agency offers services tailored specifically for the cannabis market to help small businesses grow.

Who founded Purple Noodle Marketing?

Purple Noodle Marketing was founded in 2019 by Ed Higgins, an experienced marketer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Higgins decided to use his expertise to help small cannabis businesses grow.

Does Purple Noodle Marketing have experience with social media marketing?

Yes, Purple Noodle Marketing has much experience with social media marketing and can help businesses create engaging content that attracts attention. This is a great way for small cannabis businesses to reach a wider audience and build their brand.

Is Purple Noodle Marketing a good choice for small cannabis businesses?

Purple Noodle Marketing is an excellent choice for small cannabis businesses wanting to grow. The agency offers tailored services and has experience in the industry, making it a valuable resource for companies looking to build their brand and expand their reach.

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