Digital Marketing Trends 2023

Digital Marketing Trends 2023 - Purple Noodle

Keeping up with ever-changing digital marketing trends may be exhausting, but business owners must do so. As more work from home, social media usage has significantly increased. While digital marketers seize this opportunity, other small business owners scramble to adapt to changes in consumer behavior, and you do not have to be one of them.

Digital Marketing Trends 2023

With eCommerce and online education on the rise, these are the top five digital marketing trends in 2023.

1. Video Marketing

Videos can become viral on TikTok, allowing brands to reach thousands of consumers daily; globally. With user-generated content as gasoline to spread wildfire, artists can establish a trend while increasing brand exposure. Following TikTok’s popularity, other firms like Instagram began competing for video-related features, including Instagram reels in August 2020, released globally in over 50 countries. Creators saw the significance of these trends and jumped on the wagon to go popular on Instagram, thanks to creative alternatives and trends like incorporating video transitions.

Instagram Reels aims to increase user engagement and has received great feedback from marketers, influencers, and users. It’s no accident that Pinterest and LinkedIn are investing in their videos as the trend continues to develop and allows brands to reach out to a more engaged audience. However, just because video marketing is popular does not mean you have to start paying for expensive video services. The emphasis is on storytelling and forming connections with your audience. The majority of short-form videos are enjoyable. Focusing on your content, such as the narrative, is vital to developing a relationship with your community and establishing your brand voice.

2. Social Commerce

Social commerce isn’t new, but it is finally gaining traction as a viable shopping option. Influencer marketing, generating advertising that fits perfectly into social media feeds, and connecting eCommerce platforms with social media channels are all becoming more sophisticated. Instagram and the previously mentioned TikTok; have had a significant impact on the social commerce movement. Instagram Checkout makes it easier for businesses to promote and sell their products on the network.

3. Mobile Marketing

Generally, SMS marketing, in-app marketing, social media marketing, location-based marketing, and proximity marketing; are a few of the essential mobile marketing tactics. Shoppers use mobile devices to research products and make online purchases, accounting for over half of all web traffic. In-store purchasing has decreased dramatically since the Covid-19 outbreak. This makes it critical to have an internet presence and a user-friendly website. 

4. Niche Marketing

Niche marketing focuses on a single product or service to form a closer bond with your target customer. With a specialized market, you can pay close attention to the needs of your audience and understand what they want. It allows you to establish yourself as an authority figure and attract brand followers. Niche marketing is strategic since it facilitates you to grow over time and reach larger markets once you have built a solid network as a small business. You can focus more on the quality of your delivery and creating relationships with a smaller audience. This makes identifying and targeting your audience much more accessible, whether you are using organic marketing or paid ads, as there is much less competition.

5. E-commerce Platforms

E-commerce platforms have recently grown in popularity, and are predicted, to continue to do so in the coming years. Retailers and product-based enterprises can profit from having an online presence. They can achieve this by leveraging these channels for more significant viewership and establishing brand recognition through social media. Store owners can leverage “Shoppable” posts and adverts on Instagram and Facebook to combine online shopping, providing a smooth experience for online users.

6. Marketing Automation

Businesses implementing automation to nurture prospects have seen a considerable rise in qualified leads, according to the ‘major’ marketing journals such as HubSpot, marketeer, and SalesForce. An email sequence is an automation that allows you to consistently follow up with a lead by delivering materials to add value, educate, or offer your products and services. Beyond email newsletters, messenger bots (chatbots) have become famous for organizations to save money on operations, customer service, and staff.

7. Fanbase Marketing

Numerous stories discuss the growth of the Fanbase. The truth is that Fanbase is not going away. Fanbase already has about 3 billion members, which continues to rise monthly. Marketers should expect Fanbase to continue to grow through 2023.

8. Push Notifications

As a digital marketing trend, push notifications are driven by two factors. First, the email marketing landscape is becoming so crowded that connecting with your audience through that channel is increasingly challenging. Second, mobile phones; are increasingly used for all internet activities, including brand searches and online buying.

As a result, it is no surprise that marketers are turning to push notifications as a more effective way to get their customers’ attention. More than half of consumers now enable marketers to contact them through phone push notifications. However, there is a thin line that brands must avoid crossing. ‘Unsubscribers’ increase as it reaches a specific threshold (about 10+ pushes).

The Purple Noodle Conclusion

While marketing trends come and go, the fundamentals of success stay the same: understand your audience’s needs and communicate effectively and consistently with them. Creating customer-centric content has always been the most effective approach to building long-term relationships with your audience. Content marketing will continue to dominate the digital marketing scene for some time. The majority of these trends are dependent on content in some way. To be successful in them, you will need a solid foundation of high-quality content spread across your marketing channels.


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