Can Digital Marketing Be A Side Hustle? Purple Noodle Started That Way

Can Digital Marketing Be A Side Hustle Purple Noodle Started That Way - Purple Noodle Marketing

The side hustle you venture into; can enhance your career. There are side hustles that spin a profit immediately, for example, flipping your closet contents. This can make you a few dollars, but, not sustainable. I am sure you don’t have many clothes in your closet to sell. 

Ask anyone into digital marketing of the returns on that investment and, they will tell you they have never been disappointed. Any side hustle you venture into must pay for itself to help improve your quality of life. So, can digital marketing be a side hustle for you?

Can Digital Marketing Be A Side Hustle?

A side hustle must have you thinking, should you give up your 9-5. If this is not a nagging thought in your mind after some time, you have to re-access your options. Venturing into digital marketing can help you establish a needed service that is not going away anytime soon. 

Because digital marketing has numerous job titles attached to the platform, anyone you choose to venture in; will make you money. It not only makes you money; it will expand your career capabilities for moving upward in the job market. 

Many newbies to digital marketing need to know what it entails. The business- and it is a business; requires the use of a laptop or desktop, smartphone, and social media. You will need these tools because it is an internet-driven, online-based, digital technology space you will be working in. 

Here are some digital marketing side hustles you can use to launch your career:

  • SEO- Search Engine Optimizer
  • Content or Article writing
  • Coding
  • Social media marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • e-Book marketing
  • Website designing and redesigning

And the list is endless. As stated above, venturing into any of the many platforms; of digital marketing is a great side hustle. 

How Social Media Runs Digital Marketing

Everything on the internet is connected to social media, whether directly or indirectly. You cannot get away from someone posting, sending, or challenging you into viewing their products. Maybe 90% of businesses globally use social media through a digital marketing service to promote their goods and services for profit. The remaining 10%; are either new businesses, and they are researching who to engage to enter the marketing arena. 

Social media marketing or SMM is the tool that uses social media and social networks to market; these businesses. The marketing strategy entails companies using SMM to engage customers and interest them in their goods and services. The connections with customers on social media platforms like; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and others; create a wave of connections. Because people love to make recommendations for and against a product or service, social media is the perfect platform for digital marketing.

With these customer connections across the many platforms, digital marketers use their built-in data analytics tools to track and analyze; the success of the business they are promoting. The forum engages customers to make comments for or against products. They also encourage customers to share their experiences accordingly. This data generates a demographic map as to what is trending or not. The more reach these connections have determines the profitability of the business’s products and services. 

Connecting The Dots For Digital Marketing Through Social Media

Engaging content, eye-catching graphics, unique question and answer surveys, a known influential person for product promotion, and more; can cause a business to skyrocket. 

Think of KFC. When this chicken franchise started, the only thing to promote was a word of mouth and a flier with a man dressed as a colonel. Word of mouth promotion caused people to talk about how tasty the fried chicken is and, seeing fliers all over plus billboards piqued interest. Hence, the global chain of KFC eateries; and is still growing. 

Now, fast forward to 2022; digital marketers; are using graphics, content creation, influencer marketers, and the likes to enhance social media influence. No other side hustle is more viable than digital marketing.

Informing You About The Digital Marketing Side Hustle 

Research is always best when venturing into something new. If you are already into digital marketing, an upgrade to your skills is always good. You can opt for an online course or choose a university that offers the curriculum upgrade you require. Find the course with everything you need and is also internationally certified.

A person wanting to learn about digital marketing as a side hustle must research what they believe is a good fit. The list of options is just a tiny part of what digital marketing entails. Utilizing Google, Bing, or Yahoo search options for the right course is next on the list of things to do. 

Ensure you choose the course which has all the benefits of your learning by hands-on methods. It is always good to get practical experience when learning about digital marketing. This helps you to grasp the product in great detail. After completion of the course, seeks to apprentice with a digital marketing agency. There you can get more hands-on experience dealing with clients and learning to troubleshoot issues for dealing with them. After a while should you decide to venture out on your own, you can be confident in the jobs you do.

The Purple Noodle Conclusion

Digital marketing is not rocket science. It is a fun way for you to understand what makes the internet so unique, enabling businesses to compete with each other; while making a profit. Learning about the different aspects of digital marketing and choosing which area you can specialize in is the key to making this side hustle work to your advantage. So, is digital marketing a good side hustle? You are the perfect person to decide. How much work you put into learning the craft can tell.

If you are an experienced person, how much stock you put into upgrading your skills is also essential. So you can hustle with this side hustle of digital marketing and create a comfortable nest egg for the future. Therefore, in my opinion; yes, digital marketing is a good side hustle!


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