Why Digital Marketing Is Better Than Traditional Marketing (Part 1)

Why Digital Marketing Is Better Than Traditional Marketing - Purple Noodle Marketing
Digital Ads vs Traditional Marketing: Ever since internet technology came on the scene, digital marketing has highlighted the many...

Ever since internet technology came on the scene, digital ads have highlighted the many drawbacks of traditional marketing. We are not saying traditional marketing hasn’t had its day in the sun before the internet; there are other options that are worlds apart. Businesses must retrain their way of thinking. And they must realize that, concerning profits and staying competitive, Digital Marketing is the way to go. 

Consumers are the mainstay for businesses to enjoy a booming ROI, or “Rate of Investment”. Then they need to understand why traditional marketing is limited. So, why are Digital ads better than traditional marketing?

Why Digital Marketing is Better Than Traditional 

Digital Ads are More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Marketing 

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is more cost-effective. It targets the right consumer so they can market to their customers based on relevant products and services. 

Traditional marketing uses TV adverts, gleaner ads, and radio announcements. Additionally, mailbox stuffing and billboard advertising are used for gaining consumers. The money invested in these types of advertising does not translate into a positive ROI for the business concerned.

Digital marketing, content marketing, PPC, SEO, and social media marketing; the cost is an investment of a couple hundred or thousand dollars. For traditional marketing, the expenses can rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

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We are talking about a month and 30 seconds of advertising. Primetime slots on TV will cost you millions of dollars! Not to mention gleaner ads that can cost as much as $100,000.00. The outlook for traditional advertising does not translate into ‘smart’ spending. Eventually, your entire marketing budget is exhausted. You have not realized the benefits because you have not reached your targeted audience. 

Digital Ads Iare Cost-Effective 

The internet drives digital marketing. It uses data to reach its target audience, so audiences and brands can consider using a digital marketing service. They will engage customers by utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With the continued engagement of and website maintenance, brands are sure to see the benefits in their profits. Companies can determine what they want based on their budget. A limitless number of customers are targeted globally or within their geographic location. 

Evolving Technology and Digital Marketing 

Since 1990, technology has been evolving at a rapid rate. This means customer reach is now possible on a personal level. Mobile devices like cell phones, laptops, and tablets, are used for researching most brands. Unless consumers are familiar with brand research is the way to go. There is no time to view ads on TV or browse newspaper adverts anymore. Social media and technology have enabled a reach with just a click or swipe of the little computer in everyone’s hands.

Information is readily available so they can make informed purchasing decisions. The accessibility and convenience of these technological marvels have revolutionized marketing eons away from traditional marketing. And, with digital marketing systems, the options are more straightforward. Marketers may not have to utilize all aspects of the platforms available. 

The Local and Global Reach of Digital Ads 

Because brands are interested in establishing their products globally, having their local reach is just the beginning. The customers within their local demographic can use word of mouth within the social media sphere to advertise. The Brand’s reach becomes global without much help from traditional marketing. With local digital marketing, global reach begins with just posting product information on whatever platform is ideal for reaching customers. 

The internet is global; any campaign used within the digital marketing space generates leads, whether locally or globally. Advertising any brand is done continuously. The digital platform can generate; adverts for months in the future; while engaging local customers. Customers liking the product decides whether to become followers or users; post reviews. These reviews translate into sales. With traditional marketing, this kind of inclusive connection is not available. 

Content Marketing as a Digital Marketing Tool 

Digital Marketing

Most if not all brands have a website. If you do not, it is crucial to invest in one as a business. Content about the business brand; is posted on the website. Customers conduct Web searches and, the digital content for marketing can generate huge successes. The content remains on the website and can be beneficial for businesses months or years in the future. The digital marketing service only has to update accordingly, based on the products. 

Future consumers using keywords for searches; and SEO strategies can gain insight into brands even after the initial posting. Because the content is lasting, the product or service of the brands enjoys successful ROI over time. 

Traditional marketing does not have this potential. It is only applicable for the season the advertisement is posted and then fades away. With digital content marketing, it is visible and lasting for any time and any search. You may say it is generational! 


Digital marketing, unlike traditional marketing, is conversational. Customers can forward the post of their favorite products to family and friends, possibly becoming new customers for the products. These posts are on smartphones, laptops, and the use of their personal social media account. The information; is shared with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of browsers, which translates into customers. 

Loyalty becomes the mainstay for brands. The digital marketing specialist can use data generated based on the information collected from the loyalty patterns of these customers. The customer reviews of the products are also a factor in determining brand and product continuity. 

With traditional marketing, there is no such detailed data to use. Loyalty is determined by how many sales are recorded; at the end of the month. Usually, businesses spend millions of dollars producing a particular product, and adding to the traditional way of marketing is costly. They have already invested in the production and advertising so the product becomes dead stock if sales are wrong. Many companies have folded for this kind of situation. 

The science of digital marketing, plus the internet’s global reach, is a plus for any business. Traditional marketing has had its time, though not very effective, for seeing much profit. Digital marketing is cost-effective, and the percentage of financial benefit is substantial. 


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