Content Analysis: What it is and Why its Important?

The field of content analysis has been growing steadily over the past several decades.  This type of research is becoming more common, especially as technology advances and allows for more efficient data gathering.  More researchers are turning to this method because it provides them with flexibility in their research methods while also allowing them to […]

Episode 14 – What is Cannabis Local SEO? – Purple Noodle

Episode 14 - What is Cannabis Local SEO - Purple Noodle

In this episode, we discuss the concept of cannabis local SEO and how it can help dispensaries and other cannabis-related businesses rank higher in search results and attract more local customers. We cover the basics of local SEO, including the importance of claiming your Google My Business listing, building citations, and getting reviews. We also […]

Digital Marketing for Beginners – How Does Digital Marketing Work?

Digital Marketing for Beginners - How Does Digital Marketing Work

Digital Marketing for Beginners – How Does Digital Marketing Work? In an online-based era where most purchases are online, businesses worldwide have made the ground-breaking leap from billboard advertising to digital advertising. Digital marketing isn’t only a trendy marketing tool but also the most successful method yet discovered. And the outcomes are evident. Thanks to […]

Digital Marketing in Cannabis Healthcare – Why is it important?

Digital Marketing in Cannabis Healthcare - Why is it important

Digital Marketing in Cannabis Healthcare – Why is it important? Keeping up with digital developments is difficult, especially in a fast-changing profession like Weed healthcare. CBD Healthcare marketing may be complicated and challenging, with legal restrictions, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) limitations, market structure, and changing customer behavior. Instead of competing, we frequently […]

Digital Marketing for Charities – Creating a Winning Strategy

Digital Marketing for Charities - Creating a Winning Strategy

For charities and not-for-profit organizations, digital marketing is a critical tool since it allows you to communicate across many platforms and be where your target audience is. For motivating and engaging people, raising cash, starting dialogues, and advertising your services, websites, social media, email, and other online techniques are critical.  Digital Marketing for Charities While […]

Purple Noodle Marketing Podcast – Episode 6: What is Cannabis Web Design?

Purple Noodle Marketing Podcast - Episode 6 What is Cannabis Web Design - Purple Noodle Marketing

Brief summary of Episode 6 – What is Cannabis Web Design?:Cannabis web design and marketing is an ever-growing industry. As Cannabis becomes more mainstream, so does the need for quality websites and effective marketing campaigns. Steve and I discuss Content Management Systems, eCommerce, third party platforms, web presence, social media integration and more.  [Episode 6 […]

Digital Marketing for Startup Businesses

All startups will have difficulties establishing their brand and generating revenue in their early phases. There are numerous explanations for this. Every day new brands are introducing themselves to the market. These brands are up against well-established businesses and millions of marketing initiatives. Startups can only prosper if they can market themselves better and more […]

How much is a Digital Marketing Assistant’s Salary?

Digital marketing, often known as online marketing, is a type of brand promotion that uses the Internet and other digital communication to engage with potential clients. It’s essentially digital marketing if a marketing campaign revolves around digital/online communication. Digital marketing strategies include blogs, web content, social media, email marketing, videos, and Internet/website advertising. These are […]

Digitаl Mаrketing is eCommerce, and eCommerce is Digital Marketing

While digitаl mаrketing is аn importаnt pаrt of ecommerce, the two аre not synonymous. However, аre so intertwined thаt it is difficult to tell where one ends аnd the other begins. Digitаl Mаrketing vs eCommerce ECommerce is the buying аnd selling of goods or services over the internet; It can also be described as the […]

Digital Marketing Versus Legacy Advertising

In this digital age, marketing and advertising are no longer options. Marketing; is rather a requirement for organizations that want to reach out to their customers efficiently and powerfully. Choosing a powerful and successful client acquisition channel can be scary in this competitive age where every business is fighting to get its message out. It […]