The chapter shares a number of the most effective cannabis advertising methods to deliver highly focused effects for your business. It addresses the best ways to speak with consumers and methods that are more likely to drive sales from nearby audiences. The article also reveals why Instagram is currently one of the very best channels for promoting Cannabis items or services, as well as desktop and mobile-friendly differences that you should take into consideration when creating your strategy.

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What is Cannabis Social Media Marketing?

Cannabis Social Media Marketing as it relates to marijuana -or cannabis products- has fluctuated throughout the years. As marijuana remains a controlled substance in many states, due to political barriers, Cannabis Social Media Marketing has become tricky territory for marketers.

In fact, from 2011-2013 Facebook was banning any ads containing the words “marijuana” or “Cannabis”. This was making it nearly impossible for marketers to implement highly effective strategies to advertise their products or services. The good news is that these restrictions have eased up over the years as the laws regarding medical and recreational marijuana use continue to change and evolve across state lines.

Most recently however, Instagram has been taking steps towards removing and banishing Cannabis related accounts altogether, This is causing quite a bit of concern among social media marketer who’ve built strong followings on the app. The original banishment started with Instagram deleting certain accounts that promoted the sale of marijuana products or services, but has spread to many different types of cannabis related content.

Luckily however, there are still plenty of other social media channels available for marketers to utilize in order to promote and grow their business; namely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube. Let’s briefly highlight what you need to know about using each channel in order to maximize your strategy:

Facebook Cannabis Marketing

Facebook is one of the biggest social networks out there- making it a prime location for businesses looking to build brand awareness as well as gain website traffic. It’s also a top platform for promoting cannabis related businesses and products- partially because it was also one of the first social channels to welcome Cannabis, or marijuana for slang, related ads.

In fact, Facebook is considered a top platform for marijuana business advertising. It’s currently the only major social network that allows businesses to target their audience by using multiple demographics including age, marital status, location and even income range. This means businesses can target their consumers more precisely- maximizing brand awareness and sales in the process.

It’s worth noting however that even though Facebook has eased up on its restrictions regarding cannabis related advertising, not everything shines. There are still certain rules marketers need to abide by in order to avoid getting banned from the site entirely. To start with you should never include famous characters or celebrities smoking weed or promoting your business (such as Snoop Dogg or Seth Rogen). Even if it’s for a joke. It’s also important to avoid showing your product in an extraneous light (such as putting a cannabis leaf on top of your logo) as this is automatically considered promoting the use of marijuana. The best approach is talking about any particular products you have available for sale.

Another good idea is to include a call-to-action button on any ads that are directly related to selling products. This is so users can easily click over to the website and make their purchase. The last thing you want is potential customers having to hunt down an email address or phone number when they want to buy something. Both of which are likely buried deep within the text of your ad.

Twitter Cannabis Marketing

Twitter: Twitter is another social media channel that’s become popular among businesses looking to promote their products to a wide audience. In fact not only can you promote your business on this platform, but numerous celebrities and influencers have also started using Twitter as a means of connecting with their fans. This alone has helped the site reach an even larger audience in recent years.

While it’s still important to abide by any restrictions set forth by each network (like Facebook), there are ways to get around these rules. You definitely don’t want your message completely stifled due to political bias or beliefs. The easiest way would be to make use of more general hashtags such as #weed4sale or #420life- both of which are very popular in the cannabis community. Another alternative would be to use an image of a marijuana leaf as your profile picture- so long as it’s not directly related or promoting any specific products for sale (such as that used on Facebook).

It should also go without saying that you shouldn’t make any direct references to recreational or medicinal marijuana via your Twitter account; both of which are still legally considered Schedule 1 drugs by the federal government. The final thing you should avoid is using profanity or overtly sexual content when promoting your business, no matter what platform you decide to use. Even if it’s just a joke, this sort of language will undoubtedly turn off your audience and result in much lower engagement rates overall.

Twitter recently introduced the ability for businesses to hold contests and award prizes directly through tweets sent by their official accounts (as well as from third party software). You can claim these special Twitter handles through the company itself, but not every contest will be approved by the company (especially those featuring marijuana). This is why we recommend contacting Twitter directly and asking if they’ll allow your business profile before creating it; in which case they may offer you a free trial account to test out how well it performs.

Youtube Cannabis Marketing

YouTube: YouTube is a popular platform among cannabis lovers due to the many WeedTube channels on the site; which feature various instructional videos for growing, smoking and cooking with marijuana. These videos are especially great if you’re new to weed and looking for a quick how-to guide when it comes to starting your own cannabis garden or smoking bong (for example).

However while there are plenty of helpful videos highlighting the benefits of marijuana on this video sharing website, they tend to be overshadowed by those featuring more controversial content such as people doing drug deals over webcam, getting high and playing video games or even homemade cannabis grow operations that could easily be duplicated by law enforcement. This is why we recommend promoting your business on YouTube only if you feel comfortable with associating it with controversial or illegal content.

Soundcloud Cannabis Marketing

Music Streaming Media: Although this option might not be as popular as YouTube, Soundcloud is a free audio platform that’s perfect for musicians to share their work online (and thus get noticed by a wider audience). The good news if you live in Oregon or Colorado is that CBS Interactive, the company behind both of these music websites (as well as many others), has a policy of “don’t ask don’t tell” when it comes to members uploading cannabis-related content. This means there won’t be any legal consequences for sharing songs about marijuana, even those that directly reference smoking weed!

However while this makes Soundcloud a great network for musicians looking to promote their music, one thing you should remember is that the site also has an active blogging community- which means some users might be trying to promote their business via unregulated content. This is why we recommend contacting CBS Interactive directly and asking if they’ll allow your business profile before creating it; in which case they may offer you a free trial account so long as you don’t violate any of the site’s policies within those 30 days.

As you can see, there are plenty of other services on the Internet that can be used for various purposes when marketing online. These services should help you get started on promoting your marijuana business without encountering any legal trouble along the way. In fact, if you follow these guidelines carefully then you’ll probably never have to worry about securing the proper licenses or permits needed to operate a weed dispensary again- as long as your business stays within the state lines of Colorado, Washington or Oregon.

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