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Tik Tok Influencer Marketing The concept is straightforward but, anyone new to digital marketing may find influencer marketing; a bit unusual

The concept is straightforward. However, anyone new to digital marketing may find influencer marketing; a bit unusual. First, we have to establish who or, what is an influencer in marketing.

What is Tik Tok Influencer Marketing?

The word influence means; a person or thing which guides or inspires the actions of others. They comprise movers and shakers in the business arena, vested in making things happen for financial growth.

The meaning of marketing; is the agency skills businesses utilize to promote their offerings for buying and selling. The advertising and promotional strategies capture customer interest in buying or using the products. 

In a word, influencer marketing is just brilliant!

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How Do You Use Influencer Marketing Tik Tok

Like all marketing tools, the objective is to influence customers to buy your product. Or to favor the use of the service businesses provide. With Tik Tok, the premise is the same. Social media is one of the most, powerful advertising tools agencies use to engage potential customers to their client’s business sites. Tik Tok is a social media tool often used by Generation Z to promote skills. 

The promotion or influence of viewers to their posts enhances the potential for sales. The number of viewers or likes they get from the hundreds or thousands of followers is persuasive. And the persuasion works both ways; the Tik Tok poster and the viewer of the post get some influence at some level. 

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For Tik Tok posters’, they need an influencer to promote or market their vision. The challenge is to convince this influencer you have chosen; to join your vision and be willing to have it affiliated with them. There also has to be some benefit to the influencer. Either to enhance their following or it speaks to the niche they are known for. 

Types Of Marketing Via Tik Tok

Because the demographic users of Tik Tok are Generation Z, they gravitate to the platform more readily than most 30-year-olds. Tik Tok facilitates Generation Zers; the freedom to express themselves by posting unique videos of themselves. The concept is for attracting as many followers or likes to promote their image and vision. To achieve the number of followers, this is where influencers come in. 

Marketing on Tik Tok is not much different from other social media marketing strategies. Influencers and the added platform combinations enable followings. 

Marketing Applications Used Along With Tik Tok

  • Hashtag Blasts or challenges
  • Paid adverts
  • In-Feed Video Adverts
  • Influencer Marketing Selections

What Are Hashtag Blasts or Challenges

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Because Tik Tok viewership is more youth-driven, any challenge that enables viewers to express themselves outside their comfort zone is a GO! Hence, hashtag blast or challenges is guaranteed to get you many followers. 

The many Generation Z Tik Tok posters on the platform know there are challenges to be won by their generation. So, many are running at any one time. The hashtag # is usually highlighting the name of the challenge; generally posted in bright flashing neon lights. For example, #Icebucketchallenge; And we all know what that one is. This challenge engaged many people across the globe and, of course, generated millions of followers. I was part of it. Should a newcomer to the Tik Tok platform that has unique # challenges like this one, their brand would skyrocket. The aim is to have this challenge posted and viewed by many people. And likewise, do the challenge and post their entry. If you remembered, this # challenge exploded influencing millions to attempt this feat. 

Paid Adverts

Although, Paid Adverts are a new feature of utilizing Tik Tok to advertise your brand; if used correctly, you can see positive growth. As a matter of fact, Tik Tok has suggested combining some already tried and proven strategies in marketing to effect positive growth; using paid adverts. 

These suggested combinations of options are Brand takeover, In-feed native video, Hashtag challenge, and Lens 2D,3D, and AR. Of course, three-quarters of these are already on the table as options, so finding more creative ways to maximize using these options is good. Generation Z is the factor behind the success or failure of using paid adverts.

Generation Zers are opposed to any advertising. However, using paid adverts as one of the tools to use influencer marketing with Tik Tok may convince them of the wisdom of the option.

In-Feed Video Adverts for Influencer Marketing Tik Tok

In-feed adverts are a unique option for enhancing your Tik Tok brand. Like any forward-thinking business, they can choose to infuse known brands on their page to ensure viewership.

For example, you are promoting Tik Tok, your new brand of drinks, you could have Pepsi, Coke, or Mountain Dew in-feed videos ads on your page. The concept is, when viewers scroll down your page, they see the affiliation to your product with the above-known products. They will consider trying YOUR product because these already established products, are affiliated with you. 

These brands are already established. And with this intention; you are using influencer marketing as the strategy. They are, in effect, your marketing influencer!

Influencer Marketing Selections

Because Tik Tok is your chosen platform for marketing your brand; influencer marketing selections are maybe 80% of who you need. Not like a website you use to build a customer base by advertising your goods and services. Your influencer marketer working with you can help to establish your brand. 

The influencer marketer has to be interested in your product or concept. They do this intending to establish you into their follower base and their audience builds interest in your brand.

Using Established Social Media Platform; Is This Necessary?

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Up to the present time, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitch, were the known social media options. Now Tik Tok is here, and most of the followers or users of the platform find it non-restrictive in a sense. The availability of enabling people to express themselves is open to just clicking on a button. The creative mind starts working while seeing the many possibilities opened to you. This is why Generation Zers connect to Tik Tok. 

They can be themselves while establishing the brand they represent for them. The restrictions of using agencies were eliminated. Tik Tok influencer marketing techniques and options are wide open and, the only decision is who to engage. MediaKix has a list of top 20 Tik Tok influencers, and I am sure, there are hundreds more. 


In the long run, research is always best. The brand you seek to promote on Tik Tok is unique to you. The influencer marketer you engage is the one who understands the niche you want to engage in. Despite your optimism to translate your idea to the Tik Tok platform, there must be relevance. 

The relevance must be to the audience demographic you want to engage. The message transmitted must speak to the viewers to start a relevant and pointed conversation. 


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