Small Cannabis Businesses Might Need to Drop Local SEO

Small Cannabis Businesses Might Need to Drop Local SEO

With Cannabis businesses becoming more and more popular, there has been a national push to get the Cannabis industry legalized. However, many local and state governments have held back because Cannabis still has a Schedule I classification at the federal level. This makes Local SEO challenging.

This is an issue that Cannabis small businesses face every day: they cannot get loans or even open bank accounts because of their “lack of legitimacy.” Cannabis small business owners that run shops in prohibition areas need to do their marketing differently if they want to survive in this harsh economy. Without proper knowledge of how search engines rank business pages, it can be difficult for Cannabis entrepreneurs to learn how to recover from algorithm setbacks.

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In order to get back into good graces with search engines, Cannabis small businesses don’t need to remove or change references that indicate Cannabis. They will need to get cleaver though. While removing Cannabis smoking related content might seem like a simple solution, the legality of it makes this a delicate issue for Cannabis business owners looking to stay afloat in an ever-changing market.

This means Cannabis business owners will have to make sure SEO practices are kept up even while they make changes to web pages and other content on their website to conform to local laws. It can be time consuming and frustrating, especially since much of what makes up Local SEO is heavily based on location specific factors such as citations. Cannabis business owners might need to hire an experienced SEO team, (Like Purple Noodle, Cough Cough) or work with a Cannabis legal professional that understands the issues Cannabis businesses face.

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Although Cannabis has been legalized for recreational use in many states, medical Cannabis is legal in 28 states and the District of Columbia . Cannabis small business owners who believe they could be at risk should begin changing their web pages now to prevent losing their rankings. If you own a Cannabis small business and want help learning how to rank on top of Google again, contact us today by clicking here.

Until Cannabis is federally legalized, Cannabis business owners will continue to face problems and confusion over what can be published and where it can be published. Cannabis businesses need to understand that all changes made to web pages and other content should not impact SEO until after the Cannabis industry becomes fully legitimized. Cannabis business owners that want to learn more about Cannabis SEO can contact us by clicking here.

The Local SEO- Cannabis Business Team at Purple Noodle Marketing

Nelson, Cannabis Entrepreneurs, SEO Professionals, Cannabis Budtenders and other Cannabis Industry Workers; we welcome you all! We hope this blog post has been enlightening and informative. Please feel free to comment and add your two cents… We’d love hear what you think:) Our team at Purple Noodle would like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by and read our article. You are welcome back any time! If you have an articles (or entertainment) blog/website that focuses on cannabis content (marijuana industry related), please let us know and we might be able to work out a collaboration:) Thanks again, Cannabis Community! Have a fun and safe day 🙂

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Our Mobile application development team is creating a new Android application focused on the needs of cannabis patients and other medical marijuana users in various states across the USA . This will be a mobile app that makes it easier to search for dispensaries, doctors, collectives and overall medical care while also staying compliant with state laws regarding privacy and advertising preferences/restrictions for MMJ programs in specific States such as CA, CO, WA and more. This app will also allow Cannabis patients to review Cannabis doctors and Cannabis dispensaries . We’re very excited about this new mobile application’s potentials for Cannabis patient care- particularly as a resource for the Cannabis community in the USA ! If you or somebody you know would like more info on our Cannabis App project please contact us by clicking here . Thanks again Cannabis Community! Have a fun and safe day 🙂

Cannabis Local SEO is Here to Stay!

The Cannabis Industry has brought in much attention from consumers such as yourself. Cannabis SEO is just another thing that Cannabis business owners have to worry about when starting up or continuing their business. Cannabis Local SEO can take up much of the time Cannabis businesses will need to learn all about different aspects of Cannabis marketing. This blog article was filled with knowledge and helpful tips so you keep your website in good standing with Google’s algorithm. To learn more, contact us today by clicking here . We look forward to hearing from you soon! -The Purple Noodle Team “Purple Noodle Marketing– Cannabis SEO Experts” Visit us online today at:

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