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Will Digital Marketing Die? To answer this question, will digital marketing die? We need to look at the leaps and bounds this form of marketing has evolved since 1990. We are now looking at

To answer this question, will digital marketing die? We need to look at the leaps and bounds this form of marketing has evolved since 1990. We are now looking at introducing artificial intelligence, or “AI,” into the matrix; maybe even believe the death of digital marketing is possible. Yes, the changes are rapid. The pieces in the digital marketing puzzle are also changing. Some upgrade and use fewer pieces, while other elements may not fit the picture.

Will Digital Marketing Die

Digital marketing works because of customers and their need to buy. The products and services offered daily, minutely, and hourly to consumers keep the wheels of this marketing process going. As technology changes, so do customer behavior and adapt to this new technology. In the same way, brands need to adapt to these changes. 

A New Digital Marketing Age is Coming

For this reason, businesses, brands, and digital marketers must change their way of thinking to embrace the era we are in. Consumers are intelligent and savvy. They keep up with new trends, but the digital marketing players should start thinking outside their box. They will be left behind.

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What are the changes, and how do we adapt? Because digital marketing is a customer-driven space, we must listen to what they want. Consumers no longer engage in traditional adverts. Consumers are more irritated with these interruptions, whether it’s emails, television, or online pop-ups. The truth is consumers using their smartphones, computers, and even watching television- opt for no adverts. They install ad blockers on their devices to lessen the unnecessary interruptions of advertising.

Don’t even try calling customers. The person on the receiving end will block you immediately if they don’t recognize your number. The platforms that were bombarding people with advertisements already have one foot in the grave. Nobody wants to be bothered by these intrusions. And, maybe this is why the perception that digital marketing is dying. The truth is, there is a drastic change that many have not realized has happened over the past 3-5 years. 

What To Do About Adapting To These Changes

Today’s consumers like interactions. They thrive on attention from brands, manufacturers, and advertisers. They want recognition. This will never change. It has been how marketing goods and services thrived for centuries. So, this aspect of marketing is a forever phenomenon. Apps are the new toy for consumers, involving them in the process of selecting products to sell. . Plus, AI is the “new” technology of the day, so we’ll have to investigate how to merge them. 

Many digital marketing agencies and business owners have to start researching how to use applications like JavaScript. To inject interactive applications into their websites,’ and online marketing strategy to engage customers. Programs like Reach and Vue are excellent for using modern technology to convert their websites and online marketing campaigns to be more of an App feature. The less time that is taken to facilitate this platform, the more you will convert to profit.

So, Will Digital Marketing Die, Or Is It Dying?

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Have you ever heard this saying? What goes around comes around? This is what is happening to digital marketing. Some of the traditional ways of marketing goods and services are reemerging. They are being infused into our technological age to enhance these principles. Just as a decade ago, marketing companies and business owners had to sit up and take notice of the digital age and what it was offering; that needs to apply to this time we are in. 

The Huffington Post published the article entitled: “The Death of the Digital Marketing career.” And many graphic designers, content writers, developers, and business owners started panicking. There is no written guideline because this era has not yet been written. These skilled and experienced professionals must return to the drawing board and study the market. We are in the Generation Z generation, and they are not keen on having to bicker about who is trending or not. They like straightforward answers to questions and do not have to research unnecessarily for information. Therefore, “some digital marketing aspects like broad advertising and rival company bashing that are on their way out,” as reported by The Huffington Post,” does not mean digital marketing will die.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Maybe there is the need to dust off some of the old files and re-educate yourselves about advertising principles of the past. See how they apply for integration into our technology. The internet and digital marketing were unavailable, yet the methods worked. Businesses thrived, and advertisers could knock on the doors of companies to have a sit-down and discuss the future.

Instead of panicking and throwing in the towel, change with the changing digital marketing platforms. Consider fashion; we have seen it change, and styles revamped to suit the market trends today. We may never go back to the Victorian era of fashion, yet we have incorporated some aspects of fashion into our now. The same principles apply to digital marketing.

Targeting generations like Generation Z is the only way to engage consumers. The world is made up of more than just Generation- Zers. There are a few viable Millenial customers around, with something to contribute; about what they like or don’t like. 

“Mapp Digital Marketing and Advertising” is a company using AI (artificial intelligence) combined with personalized customer data to embrace our new digital marketing era. 

About Mapp

Linkedin infuses spam into their platform, but it is still a great source of invaluable information. Here is the link for Mapp on Linkedin.


The question of whether digital marketing is dying; is not the right question to ask. The question should be: How can we expand digital marketing to meet customer trends and demands? If for Mapp alone, we see the bright light at the end of the tunnel. We need to elevate our ways of thinking about the changing systems to become more purposeful and expand on the user-friendly aspects of technology. No longer is it just ensuring customers can log on to their smartphones to view an advert with no issues. It is about gaining a loyal customer base while increasing the business and digital marketing credibility. It is getting the right customers interested in the right product for their generation. 


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