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Is it Hard to Learn Digital Marketing?

Working from home has never been more apparent until now; we are in this pandemic. Even before, many people had businesses they did online, and it served them well and still does. Digital marketing is one such online stay-at-home job you may want to tackle but are unsure how hard it is to start the process. You may be asking yourself if it’s hard to learn digital marketing?

Is Digital Marketing Hard?

Learning something new is always daunting, but if you are determined to venture into the unknown to become an online entrepreneur at digital marketing, this is where you begin.

For starters, digital marketing is not that hard. Because you have to learn many principles, it does take time. Like any subject you are learning for the first time, you have to apply yourself to understand what it is all about. Think of the horse and the carrot. The prize is the carrot with learning digital marketing, which translates into a solid business for making money. 

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Some people may start learning about digital marketing as a sideline option for making money, and some people will choose to have this as a career move. 

About Digital Marketing

You may have heard of coding in digital marketing. The title job alone is enough to scare some people from even attempting; to learn about digital marketing. Coding is an alone principle for people; that have the time and mindset to learn. For a beginner to digital marketing, the basic principles you need to know are:

  • Market trends- patterns
  • customer likes and dislikes
  • Products and services
  • Understanding the connections to relevant materials
  1. Become a freelancer- writing content for clients is an easy part of digital marketing. You won’t have to knock on doors; just invest time on the relevant websites to get clients. Writing blogs, articles, and reviews for clients is a great way to get your feet wet. Use this route to build your confidence while you learn digital marketing.
  2. Unlike most 9-5 jobs, digital marketing jobs take you from bed to laptop. You are not required to drive anywhere, fighting the rush hour traffic. Your basic day, get up, have breakfast, open your Laptop and, start working. 
  3. Communicating with clients is easy. You need not call; writing an email is less time-consuming and quicker to communicate, your issues or needs. Complete the tasks at hand, email them to the client and wait for the next assignment. With this kind of freedom, many freelancers find it beneficial to have more than one client. One thing to remember though you have to ensure you do not short-change any client the quality content expected. You are building a brand for yourself. Your reputation for quality service and commitment will ensure confidence for recommendations and more work.
  4. A newbie to digital marketing need not spend any funds to kick start their career. Depending on what area you choose to specialize in, some advertising may be needed and an investment to ensure success.
  5. Whatever specialty area you choose to begin your career in digital marketing, you only need a good laptop and reliable internet. Of course, you would have already mapped out the time you want to invest in working.

The Parts Of Digital Marketing That Require Perseverance

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No job that allows you the freedom to work from home, set your hours and earn a good salary that does not come with a few challenges. 

Working at a 9-5 dealing with customers already has the listings you must deal with. For a digital marketer, you have to work at establishing your own. Because digital marketing is a customer, client, and numbers business establishing your foundation automatically, ensures earnings.

As mentioned above, clients are looking for digital marketers who can deliver quality work.

You have to be on the ball and not incur bad reviews. These bad reviews can destroy your business. Enough digital marketers are vying for a spot at the talented table. So should you get a few bad reviews, work hard and bounce back. Do not be daunted! Many career people have had setbacks, but they get back on the horse.

In the same way, you researched to find your niche in digital marketing; because it is an ever-changing industry, you have to do research! Keeping ahead of the new trends and learning what applies to your business must always be your priority. An uninformed, outdated digital marketer; will be forgotten in no time.

A career in digital marketing is for someone in it for the long haul. Digital marketing is hard just for building a career. It may take you years to build up a good clientele. Or, it may be a short time, which happens for some that have landed an influential client or two. 

Investing You That Makes Digital Marketing Hard

Most digital marketers have clients all around the world. It is up to you to dedicate at least ten hours weekly to your client’s needs. Their time is valuable and, you have to be available if you do have a client outside your time zone. You also have to build your brand by keeping up with trends. Remember, clients, do research also.

There are different fields in digital marketing, and researching the ones that are a good fit for you is key. Here is a list of fields that may interest you:

  • Social Media Marketing-SMM
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization Marketing
  • SEM-Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion rate Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising


Any career move takes a lot of time and effort. Staying in your chosen career field means investing time, energy, and hard work. Because digital marketing trends are changing, educating you about them has to be the priority for staying current. This is the hard part. Even a 9-5 entails your research to qualify for upward movement in the company you are at. But for an entrepreneur, it is double or even triple times the work needed to be successful. 


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