Are Digital Marketing Jobs Remote

Working from home or remotely is becoming a convenient option for many people. The pandemic has changed how many employers view employees working from home. The employees find it gives them more time to work. And they can be in any place at any time and still be productive. So, the question asked is; are digital marketing jobs remote? The answer is yes!

Why Work At Your Digital Marketing Job Remotely

Because digital marketing has many principles, the job enables people to specialize. The regulations, in general terms, are similar because they connect to achieving the same result. It is how the employee skilled at these principles can perform, enabling them to be effective in their chosen field. Here is the range of principles or practices containing digital marketing:

These principles and results are completed remotely; once you have the above tools and are skilled in any one of the listed jobs. A person who delves into digital marketing can choose any of these jobs and earn doing it remotely. 

Digital Marketing Jobs Remotely

There are a few reasons digital marketing companies choose to hire workers remotely. Which is different from just the convenience of them working from home. They have difficulties finding talented people within their geographical location. Hence, the global sphere is the pool of talent; that can be employed from. 

Agencies will hire workers in different skill requirements through online job agencies. These are agencies like Upwork and Fivver that will post job adverts on their site and people have the option to apply. Many digital marketing job seekers pull from this pool of available positions and may even have more than one client. 

Sometimes, however, the applicants within their geographical location are not as experienced in the relevant skill sets that the digital marketing agency requires. Which is the reason they go global in their search for talent. Most digital marketing agencies seek workers with native English speaking and writing skills plus credited experience in the genre range of principles required. This is because most of the world speaks English, and translating the content to other languages is more accessible. 

Statistical Breakdown of Why Remotely

For the above reasons, many digital marketing agencies hiring remotely; can employ these workers on contract. The employees can be with a company for years, depending on the job required of them to do. 

Additional Reasons For Digital Marketing Jobs Remotely

Because digital marketing jobs entail working on the computer, they are suited for remote positions. They are employed to write Blogs articles, perform social media updates, send out bulk email adverts, or do video editing. These jobs do not require people to be in office. Remote employees can work at their own pace, either hourly or per milestone. These Milestones are proposed by them and agreed to by the client. 

Some digital marketing employers will install software on the remote system of their workers. The software is to monitor their progress. Some may offer as part of the post equipment to ensure workers can perform the job effectively. This is also to observe these workers since the software is on these devices. After working with the employee for a while, some digital marketing agencies develop trust. They are sure to get their work done without having to be monitored.

After completing the task, the remote employee will send in an invoice for payment. 

Statistics For Reasons Digital Marketing Remote Jobs Are Successful

A remote digital marketing position can span across different industries. Consequently, the people employed to perform remotely are likely to be educated for white-collar jobs. And this is confirmed by a Gallup survey conducted. The survey also revealed most digital marketing professionals working remotely; are college graduates who fit the positions perfectly. 

The survey also revealed, in the United States, 37% of workers have worked remotely at some point in their lives. This figure increased by 25% in the last decade.

Another reason why remote workers are so successful; they are happy in their job. The findings indicate workers are more relaxed and find it easier to work outside an office environment. Remote working environments engender fewer interruptions and distractions. The combined survey results by Gallup and TINYpulse revealed most millennials working remotely; choose to take a pay cut just for the flexible hours. A significant statistical finding; is that most of the workforce globally are millennials. This speaks to the drastic change from regular 9-5/ being in the office and fighting traffic. 

So, Are Digital Marketing Remote Jobs Idea for Digital Marketing Agencies

Considering the facts and overwhelming reports of higher productivity percentages, cost savings in office overheads, and more, the obvious is true. The time has come for more traditional businesses to rethink their method of employment. A company with the vision of utilizing remote jobs personnel can hire professionals to meet the companies needs.

As quoted by Ross Tavendale of Ideas Made Digital: “You get the best people in the world, not the best people according to your geography.” And according to Gwendolyn Kestrel: “The overwhelming benefit is that you can hire the best, no matter where they live.”

Digital marketing remote workers will think outside the box. They have information at their fingertips and can inject current standards into the job they are employed to fill. Geographically, because of their location, these remote job seekers can help to broaden the reach of the digital marketer’s into new markets. They enable marketing agencies to expand their customer base and operate in different cultures.

The Minuses Of Digital Marketing Jobs Remotely

digital marketing

Effective communication across different cultures, languages, and the like can be an issue. This is why most digital marketing agencies will install software to engage effectively with workers. They also find it equally beneficial to communicate using the same social media tools like emails, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, and others to have face to face with their remote workers. Utilizing these methods cuts down on lost time and reduces traveling to the office for meetings. 


The fact is, assessing your company needs is the basis for deciding to hire a digital marketing job remotely. The member may eventually become a part of the business family. And, as most companies can translate into vacationing together, planning company retreats at any remote workers’ countries. It makes for some memorable experiences. 


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