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Purple Noodle Answers: Why Digital Marketing is the Future: A few decades ago, marketing methods were all about...

Marketing was all about magazines and printed publications a few decades ago. People read books and gazed at photos that didn’t move. Companies would hire people to stand outside to hand out flyers that litter ground by the end of the day. Moving at such a fast pace makes most people not want to bother to read. Companies investing in printing flyers are wasting their money. Only a small percentage of people would give it a second thought; fewer might tuck it in their pockets and possibly make a mental note.

Why Digital Marketing is the Future

Town criers would be walking around with a microphone. They would announce the specials and discounted items available in the stores. Vehicles would blast music with information on these specials and discounts; done with a voice-over! A Lot of noise and disturbances to neighbors, schools, and hospitals. 

Introduction of The Computer Age And Internet

The information was lost within minutes and no one would remember what the noise was about! He then came to the beginning of the computer as we know it which established IBM with the PC5150 in 1981. 

Data and communication are processed at the speed of light; plenty of people feel that it’s not fast enough. This method was rapidly becoming a page in history books. According to writer, journalist, and novelist Eduardo Galeano from Uruguay,

“History never really says goodbye. History says, “see you later”

digital marketing affects

An overview of Digital Marketing

According to Galeano, people in the 1980s had just begun to use this ever-growing tech to keep in touch. There is always a phone call or something to buy online. You can even get directions to find a location. Now in 2022, the possibility to see our loved ones immediately via a video call. 

Everything is done within minutes or even seconds. The waiting game proceeds and life has faded. Our moments are valuable and so is a company’s progress and prosperity. An enterprise can only progress if it has clients, digital marketing is the most efficient way to build your customer base. This is the tool to keep customers interested in acquiring items and doing business with a company consistently.

Digital marketing agencies have to satisfy the needs of their clients.

digital marketing strategy

They have to employ the many platforms of this trade. This is done by using the techniques that were made possible by the internet. We can assess demands and marketing if we have good strategies in place. This allows a company to provide what is needed. 

Digital tech erupted onto the scene with the birth of computers, smartphones, and tablets. It gave instant access to services that enhance the online marketing process.

Some of those services are:

  • Videos
  • Email
  • Social media like Facebook and Twitter
  • Other social media options like blogs and websites
  • Other search engines

Our Future with Digital Marketing is Now

The internet has now made the prosperity of companies possible. Again, connections happen every second of the day. Businesses that go paperless complete deals. The advantages of this modern tool are obvious. Billions of people own a smartphone, laptop, or other digital gadgets.

Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • Internet use has increased phenomenally 
  • search results are instant
  • brands are shown to the world in a flash

About 3 billion people have internet access and that number is growing daily. A wider audience helps to increase revenue. Customers give their attention to online ads. Promotions are designed to instantly capture the customer’s attention. 

The posts validate promoting a product or service. Customers respond best if the data is clear and fast. Data collected by the agency helps them gain insight into understanding what their base wants. These improvements use the collected data and may be made with a low budget. Possibly without spending any money at all!

Advantages In Growth And Improvement With Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, Financial Graph

Growth in tech systems means that a developer or creator can help your product to be seen around the globe. The subject matter should be easy to understand, attractive, and strategically positioned. Its growing reputation offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to grow. With these aspects in place, your idea or merchandise will take flight! Shares in the stock market will prosper and, attention will grow to what you have to deliver.

By hiring a team to check analytics, you can use the application tools to quickly get results. An example of this is Google Analytics and Google AdWords. The number of people who connect to an ad is available here. 

Depending on the prospects found by Google Analytics and Google AdWords

Businesses can budget based on the cost of taking action. This method can help you budget carefully for your next campaign. It will help you transfer resources and make sure that future investments are more profitable! Online marketing is very competitive. Site owners improve their content to become more innovative; upgrading their standards at little to no cost.


The moments we live in call for immediately, instantly, and now. Companies can operate from the convenience of the home office. The reinvested money helps to create new ideas and solutions. The gadgets we took for granted places power and capital in our hands. Leaving the house to shop is becoming outdated, which means that the future is fluid for digital marketing. 

The internet and tech are always developing and alternatives are increasing. The window to amass is 24 hours. Stakeholders often visualize the opportunity. Creativity, with a digital device, opens the door to an exciting future, one of fortune and peace of mind.


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