How Digital Marketing Affects Consumer Behavior

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How Digital Marketing Affects Consumer Behavior: In any business, consumers determine how well your business performs...

In any business, consumers determine how well your business performs financially. Digital marketing affects purchasing behavior in ways that were impossible to quantify years ago. The science of digital marketing facilitates informing consumers, presenting some entertainment due to the type of advertising graphics and dialogue. The system also enables the kind of strategy that attracts consumers of interest. This leads, of course, to the purchase of brand products and services. 

How Digital Marketing Affects Consumer Behavior

Brands have to put their best foot forward to attract the interest of consumers. Any product or service they offer to the public needs to up-play the pluses and downplay the not-so-attractive aspects of their products. These strategies can influence consumers through research, graphics, and feedback via reviews. There are some campaigns that digital marketers use to affect how customers react to products.

The convenience of digital marketing methods encourages the trust of the consumer. The goal is for the customer to avoid feeling overwhelmed or worried about their privacy. 

  • Frequency of Advertising a product
  • Pointed information and length of time for adverts
  • Continue brand exposure
  • Honesty in Advertising
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Frequency Of Advertising A Product

Consumers develop a relationship with brands, especially if they encounter frequent advertisements about them. Good results will ensure that customers are interested in new products from the brand. The opinion of others concerning the brand cements the decision when viewing an ad. “The reciprocity effect.” is the consumer’s decision to buy the brand product in the future.

Pointed Information And Length Of Time For Adverts

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“Pointed information” is information that is contained in the ad. Remember those jingles you found yourself humming all day? Jingles promote the product, reinforcing the customer’s trust. Digital marketing is all about utilizing the internet so brands will advertise their website. An action pointed out to the consumer on this website encouraging them to investigate the adverts page. This is a “call-to-action;” designed to facilitate the customer to click this button. 

Encouraging the customer to visit the advert page is the goal. The option for purchasing is, determined by the content and the length of this particular ad. Remember the jingle analogy? If the ad the consumer has used their time to view is not appealing or too long, they will lose interest. However, if the ad contains pointed content to engage the consumer, chances are, they will mentally file the information away for future action. Less is more in this situation, as customers find it a waste of time viewing or reading a lengthy advert. 

A study conducted by UCLA and Stanford University proves these results. It reinforces consumers’ interest in brands; while causing a harmful awareness to other brands for lack of interest. 

Continue Brand Exposure

Say a consumer is researching a brand; they like the ad and look at the reviews. While conducting the research, if the brand based on the digital marketing strategy ensures frequency of this brand, the customer shows much interest. Browsing similar products reminds them of the brand. If the consumer is familiar with a particular brand, they will purchase the brand they trust regardless of other similar companies. The “habituation phenomenon” occurs, and customers will stick with the familiar brand. The long-term effects created by advertising strategies facilitate brand trust.

Honesty In Advertising

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Honesty is the key piece of digital marketing; it cannot be overlooked! Consumers thrive on truth. If the brand has some “dark” advertising tactics, you can be sure consumers will find this distasteful. 

Take the food industry, for example. Many food manufacturers have received “bad” publicity for misleading product content. They realize digital marketing is an affirming product to boost sales, yet they use ads containing Similar misleading content. The practice created mistrust from consumers. 

The decision of rebranding and being upfront with product contents, consumers appreciate. Getting truth from the brand they decide is best for spending their dollars. So, digital marketers have to advise clients what works and what does not when wanting to expand the customer reach. Rewording the lie does not sell with 2022 savvy consumers.


Digital marketing affects consumer behavior positively when the content and brand are truthful. Their message in advertising must be trustworthy; the brand must deliver everything and more. Savvy consumers utilize search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing for information. The digital world, facilitated by the internet, has exploded the realm of information so that brands and products cannot hide. 

It is better to invest in the best scientific research for advertising a product by any brand. Have the relevant information available to consumers, and encourage truth when engaging digital marketers to promote. Less is more, but without the brand to stand tall against their product, more will result in profit loss. 

Consumers can make or destroy a brand. Never underestimate the power they have. They are emotional in their choice of purchase; by either being happy and fulfilled or angry for lack of brand delivery. 

Digital Marketing advertisement is easy to acquire. Remember, consumers use their smartphones, social media, Instagram, email, and Twitter; even more; than digital marketers use these platforms to promote their clients. With one bad review from a consumer about a brand, they may have to withdraw millions of dollars of product from the market. 

Technology and word-of-mouth are potent tools in the hands of consumers. So, brands need to utilize the skills of reputable digital marketers for promotion. An estimated 87% of customers research products before purchasing. That is a lot considering; the billions of customers you want to service globally. 


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