What is Content Marketing as it Relates to Digital Marketing (Part 1)

What is Content Marketing as it Relates to Digital Marketing - Purple Noodle Marketing
Digital Marketing: Although traditional marketing was effective before 1990, the introduction of the internet has seen its relevance...

Content marketing concerning digital marketing; is explained in this quote in Content Marketing Institute/Informa Connect Division of Informa PLC: 

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” 

Although traditional marketing was effective before 1990, the introduction of the internet has seen its relevance waning. The fact is that most marketing options used traditionally are not effective anymore. The internet has revolutionized marketing by introducing digital marketing with its many platforms. 

In this article, we introduce to our readers what content marketing is; and how it relates to digital marketing

Digital Marketing

What Does Content Marketing Entail?

Content marketing was mainly about pitching products and services to interest customers. The information available to customers ensure that they get help based on the services needed. And what products are concerned, they get the relevant information depending on what the product can offer. Content is information that customers use to research before buying.

The digital marketing platform; is used by every type of business to interest and interact with customers to instigate sales. 

Content marketing, as it relates to digital marketing, contains: 

  • SMO- Social media optimization 
  • SEO- Social engine optimization 
  • Public Relation 
  • PPC- Pay-Per-Click marketing 
  • Inbound marketing 
  • Content Strategy 

SMO- Social Media Optimization 

Not every social media platform applies for advertising to targeted audiences. The social media platforms known are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. Each of the mentioned social media platforms attracts a core community of users. The channel and engagement possibilities remain viable depending on the content required. 


Instagram prefers content like memes, captioned photos, and mash-ups. This facilitates customers who prefer visual stimulation for content. They are those who have no time for reading such information. The possibility of them purchasing any product or service; is better served by this kind of content. 


Twitter is a platform reserved for people on the move. They choose to communicate while they stay connected to the latest trends and brands. The connection is a few words in the content, yet the statement is powerful. Snapchat is reserved for users to communicate on a personal level. Connecting the dots between Twitter and Snapchat is easy. 

Twitter users post relevant content, and customers relay this information on Snapchat. The channels are open for brand awareness, product reviews, and sales. And this is the continued use of content marketing in its basic form. 


LinkedIn is a route for content marketing in its long-form of communication. The content is more detailed and gives the consumer options. These options use information from the customer’s visit. A website involves this kind of impact when compared to LinkedIn. Owners of websites engage content writers through digital marketing services or freelancers to populate their site with relevant information. 


Facebook is a worldwide option for relevant content marketing. The platform utilizes content, memes, videos, webinars, and more to market any product. Branding reaches more than 5 Million users worldwide on this platform. The challenge is; knowing how to use this platform effectively for needed profit. Any digital marketing service you engage must understand Facebook. 

Understanding the correct use of these social media platforms; will help in the decision-making as to which platform is best suited for your brand. Bearing in mind each social media platform is applicable depending on the customer base you are targeting. For understanding each social media platform more, only do your research. 

SEO- Search Engine Optimization 

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Google is the dominant search engine platform globally. A close second and third are Yahoo and Bing, not necessarily in that order. Google searchers statistically cover a whopping 88% of information searchings globally! 

Using Google as a content marketing tool has far exceeded the search concepts of the 1990s. A visionary in the person of a Canadian student crafted a program facilitating searchers seeking information to use specific words. The platform wasn’t information specific; typing in any word would open the floodgates of information containing that ‘specific’ word. Much like a dictionary listing of words and meanings! 

The platform was not explicitly searched…

…search engine crawlers; were created to facilitate selective index content. These crawlers helped consumers search for specific brands, services, and even information on celebrities. The content related to the search engine contains relevant information. The evolution of search engine optimization- SEO, revolutionized access to needed information. The relevance of written content and its availability must be such that consumers receive relevant information without doing multiple searches. 

Take Google, the dominant search engine facilitator. Searching customers open the first website information listed on that page. It is like the race between the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise has information, but it’s slow; the hare has all the content so he is first to finish. In this regard, Google has changed how we do searches. The information available has far superseded asked questions. There is information forthcoming just by posting a sentence of a few words in the search bar. 

Content marketing is what an SEO digital marketing expert facilitates when dealing with clients. It does not matter what category of products, there is information to be had by customers. People writing content for SEO marketing strategy understand the relationship to research and how search engines operate.

digital marketing


The application of the above content marketing platforms with digital marketing does enhance business opportunities for growth. The digital marketer knows the clients’ brand, analyzes their customer base, and creates a marketing strategy to maximize brand awareness. 

End of Part 1: What is Content Marketing as it Relates to Digital Marketing 


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