About Ed Higgins, Creative Entertainment Officer and CoFounder of Purple Noodle Marketing
About Ed Higgins, Creative Entertainment Officer and CoFounder of Purple Noodle Marketing

About Ed Higgins

Ed Higgins is the Marketing Director of Purple Noodle. He published his first book in 2022, titled “Purple Noodle Marketing, Helping Cannabis Businesses Grow, Organically,” and recently launched a podcast of the same name.

Linktree – https://linktr.ee/purple_noodle_

Book link – https://www.amazon.com/Purple-Noodle-Marketing-Organically-Entrepenuers/dp/B09ZCVYW7H

Ed Higgins, Cannabis Marketer

Ed Higgins is good to his clients, those around him, and those in need. Often described as charitable or philanthropic, Mr. Higgins is proactive in finding ways to give back to his communities and positively impact the world around him. He volunteers his time and resources to help others through organizations focused on environmental causes, social justice issues, or assisting those in need.

Ed Higgins has 30+ years of Marketing experience and is learning new processes daily. With help from the fantastic Cannabis marketing team at Purple Noodle, Ed Higgins’ Cannabis clients can always expect the following:

  1. Expertise in the cannabis industry: Ed Higgins and his marketing team deeply understand the Cannabis industry, including its unique challenges and opportunities. Mr. Higgins studies many states’ current regulations, industry trends, and consumer preferences.
  2. Creative marketing strategies: Ed Higgins can develop innovative and effective marketing strategies tailored to the Cannabis industry. This includes developing marketing campaigns that comply with current-era Cannabis Web Design and Development, relevant media regulations, and leveraging social media and other digital platforms to reach target audiences.
  3. Professionalism: Ed Higgins is professional, reliable, and responsive. This includes meeting deadlines, communicating effectively, and providing clear and transparent reporting on campaign progress and results.
  4. Strong track record: Ed Higgins is proud of his strong track record of success in the Cannabis industry. This pride stems from successful campaigns and a demonstrated ability to drive business results.
  5. Flexibility: Ed Higgins can adapt to changing circumstances and priorities. This includes pivoting strategies as needed and responding to new developments in the industry. Adapt and Overcome. That is the motto Ed Higgins learned as a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps, and it still stays with him.

Ed Higgins has worked with Fortune 100 companies like Mcdonald’s, Verizon, Asurion, RadioShack, and more. Within the last decade, he returned to the medical plant, Cannabis. It is with his unique understanding and experience with the Cannabis plant that he can work towards an Earth that is focused on Decriminalizing and Legalizing Cannabis, Worldwide.

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Ed Higgins is responsible, dedicated, and environmentally conscious. While not helping his Cannabis Clients grow their million-dollar businesses, he is active in reducing humanity’s carbon footprint and encouraging others to do the same with the help of Hemp. Ed Higgins is involved in initiatives to protect the environment, capture carbon with Hemp, and promote sustainable living.

Overall, Ed Higgins is dedicated to improving the world and actively works to create positive change in his Minnesota Cannabis community and beyond.