Digital Marketing for Startup Businesses

All startups will have difficulties establishing their brand and generating revenue in their early phases. There are numerous explanations for this. Every day new brands are introducing themselves to the market. These brands are up against well-established businesses and millions of marketing initiatives. Startups can only prosper if they can market themselves better and more […]

Digitаl Mаrketing is eCommerce, and eCommerce is Digital Marketing

While digitаl mаrketing is аn importаnt pаrt of ecommerce, the two аre not synonymous. However, аre so intertwined thаt it is difficult to tell where one ends аnd the other begins. Digitаl Mаrketing vs eCommerce ECommerce is the buying аnd selling of goods or services over the internet; It can also be described as the […]

Digital Marketing Versus Legacy Advertising

In this digital age, marketing and advertising are no longer options. Marketing; is rather a requirement for organizations that want to reach out to their customers efficiently and powerfully. Choosing a powerful and successful client acquisition channel can be scary in this competitive age where every business is fighting to get its message out. It […]